Natural nail designs are perfect for casual everyday looks, you can look great with pastel or nude color designs anytime you want with these gorgeous and simple nail art ideas!

Bronze colors would look really adorable with nude colors and it is a perfect look for summertime. To create the beautiful nail designs all you need to do is browsing our gallery and get some inspiration to achieve unique nails!

1. Natural Shiny Nail Design

As I mentioned before nude or cream colors would look great with bronze and shiny colors, it completes the fresh and modern style for the short nails.

Natural Nail Designs

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2. Nuda Colored Natural Nail Art

Here are another nude colored nails with bronze nail art on a single fingernail, this one is perfect for any age and any occasion.

Natural Nail Arts

3. Best Natural Nail Heart Shape Design

Cream nude short nails with a tiny dots and heart shaped nail art looks really cute and clean.

Best Natural Nail Designs

4. 2017 Natural Geometric Nail Design

Nude and black won’t look as flattering as this nail art. Geometric style and the dark color is a perfect choice for young women.

2017 Natural Nail Designs

5. Natural Golden Nail Style

Golden French nails are very simple that you can achieve at home but it is a perfect style for many different special occasions.

Natural Nail Styles

6. Simple Colors

Simple nude nails with a touch of shimmery nail polish are fresh and elegant idea for brides.

Natural Nail Designs-6

Let’s see what we got more:

7. Glittering French Nails

Natural Nail Designs-7

8. Shinny and Smooth

Natural Nail Designs-8

9. Great Rhinestones

Natural Nail Designs-9

10. Chic Ombre Colored Nails

Natural Nail Designs-10

11. Nude Pink

Natural Nail Designs-11

12. Simple Art

Natural Nail Designs-12

13. Coffin Shape

Natural Nail Designs-13

14. Very Long Square Nails

Natural Nail Designs-14

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