10 Different Nail Design Ideas for Very Long Nails

Some women like short nails while the other love super long nails. You can create really different nail designs on long nails because there will be more space for the designs and it will look much more intense and fascinating.

1. Very Long Red Stiletto Nails Designs

Black nail art on matte red nails looks great on this acrylic nails, you can create this style with a special brush or a toothpick.

Very Long Nail Designs

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2. Coffin Nails Matte

Nail shape is also very important, if you like more elegant look with long nails, coffin shaped nails would be great. This one is perfect for special events, diamonds on matte white is also chic choice for brides too.

Very Long Nail Arts

3. Long Witch Nails

This one is for women who like gothic style, it looks really mysterious and this nail design is also perfect for Halloween.

Long Nail Designs

4. 2017 Very Long Nail Style

Super long acrylic nails is a choice for women who like fancy and chic looks, this nude colors with glittery nail polish look both modern and classy.

Very Long Nail Styles

5. Long Square Shape Aqua Nails

Here is a very special nail design idea: aqua french manicure! You can get your nails done by showing this pic to your manicurist.

Long Shape Nail Designs

6. Dream Catcher Nail Designs

Very Long Nail Designs-6

7. Very Long Floral Nails

Very Long Nail Designs-7

8. Black and Gold Acrylic Nails

Very Long Nail Designs-8

9. Owl Stiletto Nails

Very Long Nail Designs-9

10. Blue and Grey Ombré Stiletto Nails

Very Long Nail Designs-10