10 Pics of Amazing Multi Color Nail Designs

Nail designs have improved a lot that women like to get unique and so much colorful nail designs. Since it is summertime you can get multi-colored nails for beaches or any anytime you want. Let’s have a look at really fun and cute nail art ideas that you may want to try:

1. Purple Base Multi Color Nail Design

This nail art generally should be created by a professional otherwise the marble style and acrylic nails won’t look great like this one below:Multi Color Nail Designs

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2. Rainbow Colored Glittered Nails

Here is an ombre, multi-colored glittery nails on coffin shaped nails, this is much easier than the nail art above, you can create the ombre effect with a sponge then finish the look with a glittery top coat.

Multi Color Nails

3. Multi Color Pointed Nail Art

This nail art is so easy that you create the polka dots with a pin or a toothpick then you will be ready to go!

Multi Color Nail Arts

4. Lovely Multi Colored Nails

Neon colors look great on black coloring base, as you can see neon pink, blue and yellow dots are a great idea for summertime.

Multi Colored Nails

5. Nail Design with Glittered Nailpolish

Here is a really colorful nail design idea, glittery colors look really adorable on a white base, they nicely blend in each other too.

Nail Designs Multi Colored

6. Pastel Nail Coloring

Pastel colors are perfect for ladies with who like simple yet fresh nail designs like this gray and pink nails:

Multi Color Nail Designs-6

7. Different Nail Colors for Young Women

If you are a young woman, different nail color on each nail would look really cute and eye-catching.

Multi Color Nail Designs-7

8. Really Cute Colorful Dots on Black Base

Multi Color Nail Designs-8

9. Red and Black Nail Art

Multi Color Nail Designs-9

10. Unique Nail Art Idea

Multi Color Nail Designs-10

Did you like this gallery of beautiful colorful nail art ideas? Please let us know which one is your favorites and keep tuned!