12 Classy Spring Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

Polka style dots is a great trend for spring, this is really easy and also you can apply this trend to your nail design. Firs, pick your favorite colors, vivid and pale tones with small cutie white (or other colored) dots, this combination is really great for a unique style also really simple to apply, just a small fine brush and nail polish.

This polka dot nail styles perfect for beginners and lovely also classy designs. With easy blop of the nail polish onto your nails and then see the difference. There are spring themed amazing colored nail art designs for ladies, just check these out:

1. Funky Nail Art Design

Cute small flowers and lovely white polka dots on light green base colored nails.

Funky Nail Art Designs

2. Easy Polka Dot Nail

You can add small dots on your finger nails’ tips to create this gorgeous and simple nail art.

Easy Polka Dot Nail

3. Cute Polka Dot Nails

A great nail art combination with dots:

 Cute Polka Dot Nails

4. Classy Nail Design 2017

Colorful and amazing style for beginners.

 Classy Nail Designs 2017

5. Spring Nail Art Idea

Grass green base with white small dots looks amazingly pretty for spring!

 Spring Nail Art Ideas

6- Nails for Summer 2017

Teeny tiny black dots on a white base is a surprisingly cute on this hands, blue nail colors also look chic and cute.

 Nails for Summer 2017

7- Black And White Polka Dot Nails

Black and white is always a great choice when it comes to color combinations, white polka dots look like little snowflakes in the night.

 Black And White Polka Dot Nails

8- Nail Art Light Colors

Pastel hair colors and white polka dots looks really calming and chic for young women who like simplicity.

 Nail Art Light Colors

9- Cute Short Nail Designs

 Cute Short Nail Designs

10- Pink Base Black Dots

11- Adorable Unique Style

The unique French style of this nail art looks really cute and chic, polka dots on index finger nail adds an adorable style too.

12- Lovely Design

Here is a really lovely nail design that you can achieve at home with toothpicks and thin tapes.