Pretty Nail Design Ideas that You Can Have Easily at Home

Many women think that nail designs on the internet can only be created by professionals but there are lots of different pretty nail design and easy nail ideas that you can actually do it at home. In this post, you will find really easy and pretty nail design ideas for both hands and toes that any women can achieve without any trouble. Let’s take a look at them, maybe you will find the perfect nail design that you will wear all spring long! These are suitable for almost any women and for any season.

1. Simple Valentines Day Nails

This nail design is not only for Valentine’s day, of course, you can easily create this mini-heart with stickers or thin objects like a toothpick or a pin.

Simple Valentines Day Nails

2. Easy Blue Nail Designs

Baby blue and golden looks absolutely gorgeous you can create a really cute style with golden polka dots on any nail polish color.

Easy Blue Nail Designs

3. Toe Nail Designs

Little flowers stickers on a fuschia pink nails look really adorable and it is a perfect design for toenails.

 Toe Nail Designs

4. Summer Nail Art Designs

Colorful dots on nude nails looks absolutely gorgeous, you can easily create this dots with the back of a pin or a toothpick.

 Summer Nail Art Designs

5. One Finger Nail Designs

If you want a subtle change nail design on one nail mostly ring finger would be a good choice.

 One Finger Nail Designs

6- Nail Design for 2017 Summer

Summer nails should be colorful but with pale pink base and gorgeous white flowers design is also simple yer really adorable look with sparkly ring finger nail.

 Nail Designs 2017 Summer

7- Easy Nail Designs for Beginners

This fun nail art is for young girls who like unicorns and rainbow! 🙂

 Easy Nail Designs for Beginners

8- Toe Nail Designs 2017

 Toe Nail Designs 2017

9- Cute Easy Nail Designs

This one looks really simple, gorgeous heart shape that is made of tiny polka dots on pink and white base looks definitely gorgeous.

 Cute Easy Nail Designs

10- Cute Halloween Nail Designs

 Cute Halloween Nail Designs

11- Cute Easy Nail Designs

 Cute Easy Nail Designs

12-  Easy Nail Designs for Beginners

  Easy Nail Designs for Beginners