12 Simple Red and Black Nail Designs 2017

There’s a huge truth, to have well-groomed nails these days we are in the summer months really important. If you are one of the elegance – beauty ladies, we have great suggestions to catch your attention!

Red and black colors are the most feminine and sexy colors for women. How about suing these hair colors in your nail designs? Red and black are really compatible colors that go great together. You can use one of the black as a color base then apply red or you can apply them different fingernails to create unique looks. These nail colors would go great with white too so you can apply red or black on a white base or use it for only one nail. Now let’s take a look at these gorgeous nail art ideas that we think you may like. These are perfect for casual everyday looks or special occasions:

1. Red And Black Nail Art

It is a simple design but it looks really cute and chic, ring finger nail has a black color base and shimmery red hearts looks really adorable.

Red And Black Nail Art

2. Simple Red And Black Nail Designs 2017

Polka dot red and black is vintage inspired and looks really cute yet really easy to create.

Simple Red And Black Nail Designs 2017

3. Minnie Mouse Nail Designs

All girls love Disneyland how about make a really cute look for your nails? This Minnie Mouse nail design may be what you are looking for:

 Minnie Mouse Nail Designs

4. Simple Red And Black

This simple red, black and white nail colors are very easy to create all you need to use a tape to create the black stripes.

 Simple Red And Black

5. Red And Black Nail Designs 2017

Cute and really simple nail art for young women who are beginners at nail design.

 Red And Black Nail Designs 2017

6- Red And Black Nail

What should we call it besides nail art? Those gorgeous red and black poppies look really gorgeous on a white base.

 Red And Black Nail

Here are other nail coloring ideas that we chose:

7- Spray Paint Nail Polish

 Spray Paint Nail Polish

8- Best Simple Nail Art Designs 2017

 Best Simple Nail Art Designs 2017

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9- Simple Nail Art

 Simple Nail Art

10-Black And White Nails And Silver

Black And White Nails And Silver

11- Simple Nail Polish

 Simple Nail Polish