15 Easy Flower Nail Designs

If you are looking for an easy floral design to do on your nails, and you wish to not struggle by doing difficult designs and so much detailing, then read this article about some Easy Flower Nail Designs. So, everyone loves flowers, right? I mean, who doesn’t? (Except for those of us who are allergic of course) In this article, the flower nail designs we will give you are easy to do and will take minimal effort because we know that sometimes you do not want to go through so much complex detailing on your nails! For something extremely simple, you can paint a base coat on all of your nails and do an accent nail with a flower. The flower would obviously have to be in a different color to stand out, but make sure that the base coat is dry before you end up with a big mess. You can do a daisy as an accent nail because of its simplicity and beauty. If you have some nail stickers or vinyls that you would love to use, or that you found at the store but never found the use for, you can simply do a cute design by painting a base coat in color and then applying the stickers or vinyls either right in the center of the nail or in the corner, to make it look somewhat classy. You could even do a nail art design where you have flowers just touching the cuticle, creating a ‘smile’ effect! This is cute, and easy, especially for spring! You could even have them go diagonally across your nails, or use flowers to accent those boring old French tips! If you do not have a dotting tool, the end of a bobby pin will work wonders! So, there you have it; your easy flower nail designs!

1-Easy Flower Nail Design

Easy Flower Nail Design, Flower Spring Very Cute

2-Daisy Nail Design

Daisy Nail Design, Daisy Pale Easy Flower

3-Easy Floral Design for Toes

Easy Floral Design for Toes, Toe Easy Flower Summer

4-Short Nails with Blue Flower Nail Design

Short Nails with Blue Flower Nail Design, Blue Year Trend Round

5-Flower Nail Design for Wedding

Flower Nail Design for Wedding, Wedding Manicure Big Day

6- Easy Toe Nail Design

Flower Dot Easy Polka

7- Very Perfect Design

Red Gel Floral Manicure

8- Different Shades of Pink

Pink Manicure Top Very

9- White Nails with Pink Flowers

Medium Flower Floweral Pink

10- Manicure with Flowers

Manicure Two Gel Easy

11- Easy Design

Easy Summer Daisy Spring

12- Simple Elegant Nail Art

Manicure But Top Fun

13- Spring Design

Flower Neon Coral White

14- Easy Nail Design with Sunflower

3D New Beginners Manicure

15- Simple Pink Design

Manicure But Week Girl