15 French Tip Designs

We’ve all seen them on the nails of actresses and celebrities alike; females, males, everyone is wearing them! A simple nude pink with a white tip and that’s all it is right? (Cue the sighs) Wrong! French tips seem boring but don’t always have to be plain and simple in this day and age. In this article, we will give you some unique French Tip Designs that will have friends, family and maybe even stranger admiring those nails! If you want something really unique, you can get a matte silver polish done as a base coat, and have a shiny, mirror-like silver as the tips to that French manicure. Edgy, right? Another idea is a white base coat with a detailed tip. The tip can be fabric, washi tape or even a lovely nail polish design that you have created by yourself! A really cute French nail design is doing a clear pink base coat and making the tip white; then you can add red polka dots into the white and accentuate those tips with a tiny black bow in the corner of your nail. If you want to change the colors up a bit, then go for a bright neon base with a matching neon color or either black or white. You could even go floral and do a normal French base coat (or a pastel color) and make that tip by using tiny flowers (not actual flowers though; make sure they are fake). If you want something more along those edgy lines, you can opt for that basic nude or clear base coat, and add something beautiful matte black tips, accentuating the ring fingers with some silver jewels. So, there you have it! If you dislike the plain old, basic French tip nail designs, you can always change things up!

1-French Tip Design

French Tip Design, French Coral Pedicure Summer

2-Cute French Flower Nails

Cute French Flower Nails, Cute French Flowers Magazine

3-Nude Colored French Nail Design

Nude Colored French Nail Design, French Manicure Nude Most

4-Rainbow French Nail Art

Rainbow French Nail Art, Rainbow French Wedding Manicure

5-Geometric French Nail Design

Geometric French Nail Design, French Manicure Gel Wedding

6- Colorful French Tips

Elegant Colorful Glitter Rainbow

7- 4th of July Nails

July Trendy French 4Th

8-Blue French Tips

Gel Blue French Manicure

9- Black French Tips

French Black Manicure Colored

10- Silver Nails

French Manicure Silver White

11- Black French Tips

French Black Manicure

12- Glittering Black Nails Tips

Glitter Real Funky Girls

13- Black And White Nails

Black Manicure Style French

14- French Tips

French Acrylic Manicure Silver

15- Cute Design

Very World Classy Spring