15 Short & Natural Nail Designs

If you like natural and clean looks, a nude/pink manicure goes with any outfit or jewelry. You may love the look of your short nails otherwise you can have acrylic short nails to achieve the look you want for special events. Acrylic nails or fake nails don’t have to be super long so keep it in mind when your nails are broken or you want to get a perfect shape.

Subtle French manicure is perfect for any occasions and for any women it looks clean, manicured and classy. Nude colors are also perfect for natural looks, you should choose a color that is suitable for your skin tone. Pink and cream shades are also great idea creating natural looking manicure. You can use natural oils to smooth your nails and cuticle and make your nails look great wit just a polisher. You can add a really nice style to your natural manicure by adding silvery or golden polish only one finger.

1. Short Nude Acrylic Nails

Nude pink acrylic nails are for women who want more opaque nail design.

Short Nude Acrylic Nails

2. Short Natural Nail Designs 2017

Short French manicure is always a good idea for everyday looks.

Short Natural Nail Designs 2017

3. Natural Looking Nail Designs

This ombre-like pink and cream nails looks really natural and well-groomed.

Natural Looking Nail Designs

4. French Manicure Natural Nails

French manicure goes with every jewelry and it is great for both special occasions and everyday looks.

French Manicure Natural Nails

5. Natural Nail Design 2017

This looks like really natural, creme nail polish and short nails are perfect for young girls at school or collage.

Natural Nail Designs 2017

6- Pale Pink Nail Polish

Pale pink polish is always a good idea for women who want to achieve a fresh and pure look.

 Pale Pink Nail Polish

7- Nude Nails

8- Short Acrylic Nail Designs

 Short Acrylic Nail Designs

9- Short Acrylic Nails That Look Natural

 Short Acrylic Nails That Look Natural

10- Nail Polish for Short Nails

 Nail Polish for Short Nails

11- Short Natural Fake Nails

 Short Natural Fake Nails

12- Short Natural Manicured Nails

 Short Natural Manicured Nails

13- Gorgeous Detail Idea

14- Gel Nails On Short Nails

 Gel Nails On Short Nails

15- Natural American Manicure Gel

 American Manicure Gel

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