15 Vivid Colored Nail Arts

No matter what style of nails design is chosen, it is extremely important to keep them in a good state throughout the whole event. This might be an occasion to go for gel colors, professionally done in the nail salon. Hybrid polishes ensure that nails won’t chip off and will stay shiny for up to two weeks, meaning that your nails will be in perfect condition for a long time. Along with having healthy and beautifully designed nails, you need to take care of nail colors as well. Especially in summer, you need to choose vivid colors to show off your beautiful nails. Here we have handpicked Vivid Color Nail Arts which are modern and will give you a hot style. One of the hottest trends is the pink color. You will feel inspired by this pink color every time you look at it. You can even add a flower on one of your fingers and have a more girlish look. Another great idea is dark blue color combined with a light beige shade. Geometric shapes and lines – vertical and horizontal are also trendy this year. Try some yellow and green lines and create a perfect summer look. Floral designs are also very pretty on hot summer days. Refresh your style now by painting some flowers on your nails and make a statement wherever you go. painting fruits on nails is another trend for this year. Choose watermelon, banana, or pineapple and you will have a very unique style. Now look through the most vivid ideas below and make your summer more colorful!

1. Vivid Butterfly Colored Nail Art

Vivid Colored Nail Arts

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2. Floral Color Nail Art

Vivid Color Nail Arts

3. Cute Vivid Nail Art

Vivid Nail Arts

4. Pink Vivid Color Nail Design

Vivid Color Nail Designs

5. Best Square Vivid Color Nail Art

Best Vivid Color Nail Arts

6. A Mixture of Vivid Colors and Glitters

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-6

7. Oval Shaped Nails in Pink Color

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-7

8. Warm Summer Nail Color

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-8

9. Summer Look

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-9

10. Bright Color

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-10

11. Orange Nail Design

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-11

12. Purple Colors

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-12

13. Hot Pink Nails

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-13

14. Blue Color with Flowers

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-14

15. Hot Pink Color

Vivid Colored Nail Arts-15