17 New Square Nail Designs

This year’s nail fashion right here for you ladies! The details that are well-groomed and style-possessed are becoming more and more important in fashion. One of the biggest option of women who want to look strong and modern is now striking nails! Rhinestones, stickers, glittered nails also matte colors totally trending these days, and now, you will find too many different ideas about square shape nails!

Square or coffin nails are the latest nail trends, they look really modern and chic. If you wanna take a look at how different nail arts look on square nails in different lengths you have come to the right page. It can be short or long square nails are great for modern and fashionable looks.

1. Long Square

Long and square nails are very popular, fake nails or acrylic nails would look exactly like this one because it will make a great look with any nail art.

Polish, Glitter, Gold, Glitter Nil, Nil Polish, Nil, Opi, Long, Squre,

2. Cute Patel Nails

Here is nude-pink colored square nails, it is a simple look but it is definitely an eye-catching look for women.

Rings, Nail Polish, Manicures, S, Nail Ring, Long, Square, Ring, Idea

3. Square Acrylic Nails

Matte gray nail color is very popular among women, and it brings out the nice shape of your square nails.

Acrylic Beautiful, Claw, Coffin White Nail, Long, White, Square, Coffin

4. Long Square Acrylic Nails

Here is a square shaped fake nails for black women, this one is perfect for casual everyday looks.

Nude Nail, Nudes, Pink Coffin Xana, Long, Nude, Pink, Square, Coffin, Idea

5. Square Acrylics

Short natural looking acrylic nails are great for creating really chic style for everyday looks, if you bite your nail you should consider these nails.

French Manicure, Pinkwedding Manicures, Pink, French, Square, Wedding, Idea, Acrylics

6. Long Square Nails

Pink nude coloring on nails is always a good idea for women, it is a perfect look for almost any occasion and outfit.

Pink, Manicures, Pink Beautiful, French Manicure, Polish, Nudes, Long, Square, French [,

7. Long Square Acrylic Nails

Nail, Acrylic Nudecoffin Pretty Nail, Nail Polish, Long, Nude, Square, Coffin,

8. Wide Square Acrylic Nails

Rings, Manicures, Red, Beautiful, Pink Square

9. Square Nails

Weddingpretty Nail, White Nail, French Manicure, White, Square, Wedding, French, Idea

10. Long Square Acrylic Nails

Nail, Manicures, Nude Acrylic Beautiful, Long, Nude, Square

11. Square Gel Nails

Glitter, Weddingglitter Nail, Acrylic Coffin Pink

12. Cute Square Acrylic Nails

Cute Square Acrylic Nails

13. Long Square Acrylic Nails

French Manicure, Acrylic French Nail, Manicures, French, Ombre Nail, Long, Ombre [,

14. Short Square Nails

Polish, Glitter, Nail Polish, Swatch, Glitter Nail, Galaxy Blue, Short, Square, Galaxy

15. Square Gel Nails

Stiletto Nail, Nude Nudes, Pink, Pink Coffin Nude, Square

16. Long Square Acrylic Nails

Matte Nail, French Manicure, Manicures, Black Nail, Sheet Sets, Polish

17. Long Square Nail Designs

Stiletto Nail, Beauty Pink Pink, Coffin Long, Square, Coffin, Stiletto, Beauty,