18 Cheetah Nail Design

If you are looking at those plain nails of yours and wondering what to do with them, then this article is just the right one for you. Let’s say you have tried so many things by now; flowers, stripes, shapes, dots, etc. but you keep getting bored of the same old designs. Why not try something cool like a cheetah print? In this article, we can offer you the best Cheetah Nail Design! Of course, you begin by picking your base coat and painting it on. The number of layers of your base coat depends on the quality of the polish. Make sure that base coat is completely dry before you start because if you are going to be using nail vinyls and nail stickers, things can get a little tricky and messy if you are not too careful! So, you have your base coat. What now? All you need is a nail vinyl or a nail sticker or stencil and you stick it on the base coat, paint a layer (the color should be the color you want the background to be depending on the type of stencil, of course) over the stencil, vinyl or sticker and wait for a while. Just make sure that you do not wait for too long, and remove the stencil or sticker before the top coat of polish completely dries. There you have your cheetah print! Of course, you do not need to adhere to the color scheme of the actual animal. You can go crazy with this design; pink, purple, blue, orange, anything! What would go great with a cheetah nail design is a matte nail polish or finish. It will leave nails looking classy and beautiful. You could do accent nails, or even create your own cheetah prints by making a circle and then outlining them unevenly in order to create that cheetah spot look. So, there you have it; an easy way to create your own cheetah nail designs!

1-Cheetah Nail Design

Cheetah Nail Design, Cheetah Print Leopard Popular

2-One Finger Cheetah Nail Art

One Finger Cheetah Nail Art, Cheetah Fall Perfect Shellac

3-Pink Short Rounded Nails

Pink Short Rounded Nails, Pink Summer Botanic Short

4-Black Nails with Cheetah Color

Black Nails with Cheetah Color, Cheetah Red Black Best

5-Long Black Stiletto Nails with Leopard Print

Long Black Stiletto Nails with Leopard Print, 2017 Love Cool Cute

6- Ligh Orange Leopard Print

Cheetah Pink Popular Acrylic

7- Glittering Cheetah Design

Fall Gel Nude Gold

8- Leopard Design


9- Black and Gold Cheetah Print

Cheetah Gel Popular Manicure

10- Glittering Design

Leopard Cheetah Popular Print

11- Cheetah Nails

2017 Manicure Print Animal

12- Leopard Print with Rhinestones

Nude Glitter Cute Acrylic

13- Short Leopard Nails

Day 2017 Love Cool

14- Black and Gold Nails

Print Leopard World Cheetahs

15- Cheetah Nails

Leopard Gel Print Animal

16- Cute Design

Print Animal Leopard Zebra

17- Summer Style

Nice Day 2017 Love

18- Girlish Style

Leopard Day Love Girls