18 Classy Nail Designs

So you have grown tired of the same old boring nail designs and want to switch it up a bit. Let’s say you want a bit of class on those nails of yours and you are looking to be a little bit fancy for a few days, or even a month! No problem because we have some elegant Classy Nail Designs for you, and they won’t be that difficult to do! For some real class, a nude color is always a must. However, you can switch this up a little bit and opt for a nude gradient that slightly fades into white. This looks amazing with a glossy or a matte finish! For something a bit more detailed, you can do a design on which there are prismatic lines on your nails. This looks especially good when the lines are white and over a nude background. Something really classy and elegant yet simple-looking is a nail design like a French tip but the tip is cut down into a thin white line so that it looks elegant. You can do this and even add some glitter or jewels to that accent nail. Another classy design that you might fancy is one with a nude background and silhouette stickers, nail vinyls or stencils on top of that. The silhouettes will have to be black of course. Something as simple as a palm tree or a little flower will have tour nails looking gorgeous! Another nude design that is classy is a plain nude base with a silver jewel right at the base of the cuticle, in the middle. You can accent the thumb nail or whichever other nails you would like by printing roses or other flowers onto transfer paper and then sticking it onto the nail. Voila! You have some class on your nails!

1-Classy Nail Design

Classy Nail Design, Grey Glitter White Acrylic

2-Classy Lacquer Nails

Classy Lacquer Nails, Simple Classy Lacquer Polish

3-Short Square Nails

Short Square Nails, Red Ring Beach Shellac

4-Classy Stiletto Nails

Classy Stiletto Nails, Classy Stiletto Stilettos Pink

5-Fall Seasonclassic Nail Art

Fall Seasonclassic Nail Art, Manicure Love Fall Classy

6- Black and White Design

Classy Decoradas Black Manicure

7- Classy Natural Color

Ongles Manicure

8- Blue and White Nail Art

Manicure Love Fall Classy

9- Classy Style

Manicure Love Fall Classy

10- Blue Nails with White Tips

Blue Polish Best Cool

11- Nude and Black Nail Art

Nude Black Manicure But

12- Nude Almond Acrylic Nail

Nude Almond Matte Classy

13- Classy and Cute Style

Manicure Photo

14- Summer Nails

Manicure But Classy Simple

15- Nude Wedding Nails

Nude Gel Ring Acrylic

16- Almond Shape Acrylic Nails

Manicure Acrylic Nude Very

17- Classy Dark Nails

Ongles Acrylic Nageldesign Manicure

18- Cute Nude Nails

Manicure Most Gelnagels Nude

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