18 Easy Nail Art Ideas

You’re looking for nail art pics and think they’re not suitable for you or very hard to create at home. Today in this post, we’ll show you very simple yet gorgeous nail art ideas that you can try by yourself. These are very easy that you can create these nail designs with tapes, thin brushes or stickers easily.

1. Black And Red

Here is a very simple nail art idea you can easily create this look without using any tools like tapes, a thin brush may be helpful for a clean look.

Black And Red, Nail, French, Manicure, Art, Sideways

2. Easy Nail Art

Look at this cute nude nails, this one is perfect for young ladies with short nails.

Easy Nail Art, Nail, Skull, Ring, Art, Girls, Easy, Design, Charm

3. Silver Grey

You can create really nice nail art by using different nail polishes like a shimmery or matte polish.

Silver Grey, Nail, Summer, Spring, Silver, Polish, Grey

4. Short Summer Nail

Pink and white nails with a heart shape and cute stripes, this one is a great idea for teenagers and young girls.

Short Summer Nail, Short, Valentine'S, Summer, Stiletto, Nail

5. Toe Nail

A simple heart shape can make any nail look cuter, as you can see.

Toe Nail, Nail, Art, Toe, Polish, Manicure, Easy, Design

6. Ombre Nail

Here is a great example how to create a cool and trending ombre look with an eye-shadow applicator.

Ombre Nail, Ombre, Nail, Polish, Eyeshadow, Very, Sponge

7. Matte Black

Matte Black, Nail, Matte, Yellow, Winter, Sponge, Hat

8. Polka Dots

Polka Dots, Nail, Easy, Dots, Beginners, Art, World

9. Black Nail

Black Nail, Easy, Nail, Very, Short, Long, Different, Design

10. Pink And Black

Pink And Black, Nail, Pink, Art, Design, 207

11. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, Mouse, Mickey, Season, Pattern, Nail

12. Color Combinations

Color Combinations, Nail, Moon, Simple, Phases, Easy

13. Orange Nail

Orange Nail, Nail, Orange, Manicure, Cute, Summer, Simple

14. Polka Dot

Polka Dot, Nail, Polka, Dot, Dots, Ring, Pink, Manicure

15. Valentines Day

Valentines Day, Nail, Easy, Design, Art

16. School Nail

School Nail, Nail, School, Back, Art, Stripes, Stripe

17. Pink Nail

Pink Nail, Nail, Art, Stickers, Minimalist, Design, Back

18. Beige And White

Beige And White, Nail, Art, White, Design, Beige