18 Nail Art Ideas for Kids

If your daughter likes to have colorful and fun nails, this gallery is definitely a great inspiration for you! She’ll look really cute with these nail art ideas, young girls and women can adopt them too! Let’s have a look at the best nail art ideas for colorful and childish styles.

1. Little Pony Nail

This pink pony nails and cute rainbow design is definitely perfect for young girls.

Little Pony Nail, Nail, Pony, Little, Art, Toe, Party, Kids

2. Mummy Nail

Here is a gorgeous nail art idea for Halloween, it looks definitely adorable and spooky at the same time.

Mummy Nail, Nail, Halloween, Mummy, Cute, Very, Skull

3. Rainbow Nail

You can easily create those rainbow nail art with some tapes and bright colored nail polishes.

Rainbow Nail, Nail, Rainbow, Kids, Little, Art, Pony, Girls

4. Disney Nail Art

Look at those gorgeous dolls! You can easily create those cute nail art ideas at home for your kid.

Disney Nail Art, Nail, Halloween, Disney, Art, Peter, Design

5. Mickey Mouse Nail

Here is another stylish polka dot nail art idea with Mickey Mouse theme, as you can see this is suitable for young girls.

Mickey Mouse Nail, Nail, Minnie, Disney, Mouse, Themed, Small

6. Pink Nail

Pink Nail, Nail, Pink, Valentines, Day, Art, Valentine, Polish

7. Short Nail

Short Nail, Nail, Day, Art, World, Valentine'S, Short, Rules

8. Rainbow Nail

Rainbow Nail, Nail, Rainbow, Art, Snowman, Manicure, Easter

9. Red Short Nail

Red Short Nail, Nail, Christmas, Art, Short, Disney, Design

10. Polka Dots

Polka Dots, Nail, Polka, Dots, Dot, Kids, Art, Simple, Girls

11. Mickey Mouse Toe Nail

Mickey Mouse Toe Nail, Nail, Toe, Art, Pretty

12. Sunshine Nail

Sunshine Nail, Nail, Sunshine, Art, Summer, Party, Parties

13. Cute Nail

Cute Nail, Nail, Art, Kitty, Kids, Girls, Easy, Design, Cute

14. Rainbow Nail

Rainbow Nail, Nail, Rainbow, Art, Over, Funny, Easy, Design

15. Sunshine Nail

Sunshine Nail, Nail, Easter, Art, Sunshine, Summer, Polka, Kids

16. Pink Nail

Pink Nail, Nail, Pink, Art, Polish, Matte, Little, Light, Grey

17. Piggy Nail Art

Piggy Nail Art, Glitter, Nail, Pink, Zoya, Polish, Kid, Art

18. Donut Nail

Donut Nail, Nail, Donuts, Donut, Cute, Art, Polish, Floweral, Design

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