18 Nail Art Ideas for Teens

Nail art ideas are getting more and more versatile that women of all ages can find a flattering nail design ideas. In this post we’ve gathered best nail art ideas for teen girls, they’re mostly colorful and fun nail art examples.

1. Teen Nail Design

Here is a gorgeous Wonder Woman nail art idea for young girls who like comics and female characters.

Teen Nail Design, Nail, Art, Teen, Stiletto, Girls, Design

2. Swirl Nail

Here is a very colorful and chic nail art idea, the star and rainbow colors look perfect.

Swirl Nail, Nail, Marble, Art, Water, Swirl, Stencils, Stencil

3. Valentines Nail

Here is a super cute Valentine’s day nail art idea for young ladies with short nails.

Valentines Nail, Nail, Valentines, Teens, Pink, Hearts, Heart

4. Summer Nail

Orange and baby blue colors would look perfect together, the orange starfish also looks really adorable.

Summer Nail, Nail, Summer, Art, Valentines, Tree, Star, Short

5. Pretty Nail

Blue, green and white nails are the best when it comes to young girls, as you can see this one is a great idea for winter.

Pretty Nail, Nail, Teen, Summer, Silver, Pretty, Polish, Mint, Design

6. Teen Wolf Nail Art

If you’re looking for a simple nail art idea for Halloween, here is a good example for you!

Teen Wolf Nail Art, Nail, Teen, Daria, Art, Halloween, Design

7. Blue and Silver

Blue And Silver, Nail, Zebra, Blue, Silver, Pretty

8. Valentine’S Day

Valentine'S Day, Nail, Pink, Day, World, Valentine'S, Polish, Opi

9. Hearts Nail

Hearts Nail, Nail, Hearts, Anchor, Valentines, Teens

10. Polka Dots

Polka Dots, Nail, Dots, Art, Teens, Polka, Pedi, July, Dot

11. Tribal Nail

Tribal Nail, Nail, Tribal, Neon, Yellow, Summer

12. Spring Nail

Spring Nail, Nail, Ombre, Teens, Teen, Stiletto, Spring

13. Simple Nail

Simple Nail, Nail, Simple, 207, White, Very, To, Pretty

14. French Nail

French Nail, Nail, French, Design, Art, Sponge, Pastel, Ombre

15. Pink Polka Dots

Pink Polka Dots, Nail, Pink, Manicure, Polka, Summer, Shellac

16. Rainbow Nail

Rainbow Nail, Nail, Summer, Neon, Marble, Art, White

17. Vampire Nail

Vampire Nail, Nail, Halloween, Vampire, July, Art, Themed, Teen

18. Summer Nail

Summer Nail, Nail, Summer, Winter, Teens, Spring, Simple, Purple

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