19 Simple Acrylic Nail Designs 2017

In fashion, we can easily adapt ourselves: nails and nail polish colors. Although the colors of nail polish and nail designs usually do not seem to change, but truth is different, they can also change significantly with changing fashion and trends. Also we have a huge social media trend. Fashion changes very fast. So, if you can’t figure out right shape what you need, you should try a different way, with “Acrylic Nail Designs”! This is a professional method and looks stunning in these days. You can have very long and groomed nails!

This style nails create with acrylic powder and acrylic liquid, this intensely blended mixture is applied onto nails and shaped again with a brush. Acrylic nails really strong and hard to break. Also nail polishes looks amazing on this nails.
If you want to try acrylic nails, before you start, you have to know consequences, you should really carefull when you want to remove.
Allright, there are really great nail designs with acrylic nails, unique colors, combinations and more… Let’s take a look these amazing arts and pick your bests!

1. Coffin Shaped

Amazing glittered long coffin shaped nails, looks so elegant and classy.

Coffin Shaped

2. Nude Colors

Simple mid-square shape nails with soft nude colors.


3. Acrylic Nail Designs

Amazing glitters with combine great nude color for your chic style:

 Acrylic Nail Designs

4. Fall Nail Colors

Matte colors really popular on lips and nails, that one finger with glittering and matte nail-polish harmony, looks amazing isn’t it?

Fall Nail Colors

5. Spring Colors

Cute candy pink color looks so lovely for summer and spring times. You can feel really fresh with this cutie color:

Spring Colors

6- Nude And Silver Nails

 Nude And Silver Nails

7- Blue Nail Designs

 Blue Nail Designs

8- Nails Pink

 Nails Pink

9- Nail Art for Short Nails

 Nail Art for Short Nails

10- Ballerina Nails

 Ballerina Nails

11- Matte Acrylic Nails

 Matte Acrylic Nails

12- Coffin Nail Designs 2017

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 12

13- Nail Designs for Spring 2017

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 13

14- Simple Nail Art

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 14


Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 15

16- Fall Nail Trends 2017

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 16

17- French Nails with Glitter

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 17

18- Nude Coffin Acrylic Nails

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 18

19- Matte Blue

Simple Simple Nail Designs 2017 - 19

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