20 Animal Nail Designs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an animal painted on your nails? You could add some life and color to them by doing this. We have a lovely article for you with some really cool Animal Nail Designs. If you are not into wild animals and you would rather get something cute on your nails, you can definitely go for a panda design. This would include black, white and perhaps a little green for some bamboo sticks because, you know, those cute little (not so little) bears love chewing that bamboo! Something similar in color would be a cow. You can use the same black and white nail polish as before, just made sure to add a little pink if you are painting that huge nose or an udder. If you’re thinking of having house pets on those nails, you could paint the cutest little kitty cat ever by using the appropriate color of nail polishes and a bobby pin to make those straight, triangular cat ears. You can cut some of the bristles off an old lipstick brush with a scissor to create those fine lines that will make up the kitty cat’s whiskers! A really easy design to paint onto your nails, and possibly the easiest out of all of these, is a fish in water. You will need blue as the background of course, and a suitable color for your fish so that that can swim around on those nails! If you do not want an actual animal face on your nails, you could simply opt for an easy (well, kind of tricky if you do not have the correct tools) dog paw or wild cat of the jungle paw. This might just scare someone away but don’t worry, they will have to come back to inspect the detailing on your animal nails!

1-Animal Nail Design

Animal Nail Design, Ideas Moustache World Mustaches

2-Cute Cow Nail Design

Cute Cow Nail Design, Cow Cute Panda Moo

3-Lovely Animal Nail Design

Lovely Animal Nail Design, Animal Most Love Fall

4-Elephant Nail Design

Elephant Nail Design, Animal Polish Ideas Black

5-Cute Dog Nail Design

Cute Dog Nail Design, Animal Dog Pink

6- Shark Design


7- Cat Design for Nails

Cat Top Best China

8- Cute Whale Nail Design

Cute Animal

9- Very Cute Style

Easy Cute Animal Trends

10- Owl Design

Manicure New Great Crystal

11- Ninja Turtles

Halloween Animal Fashion Party

12- Snoopy Nail Design

Bird Style Disney Snoopy

13- Panda Design

Panda Cute Halloween Kitty

14- Cat Design

Halloween Cat Water Black

15- Penguin Design

Owl Animal Cute Christmas

16- Sheep Nail Art

Day Party Pretty Perfect

17- Funny Nails

Giraffe Fun Kids Animal

18- Animal Nail Design

Love Line Tape Colored

19- Unicorn Nail Art

Love Heart Easy

20- Animal Design

Dog Panda Kitty Cat