20 Baseball Nail Art Designs

So it’s that time of the season again; baseball time! Everyone is looking good and like true supporters in their favorite team’s jerseys and hats and whatever other items of clothing they would wear in support of their most loved team. You have your baseball jersey ready and your hair is looking flawless for the game but your nails…they need some spicing up. This is why we have created this article. We will give you some amazing and sporty Baseball Nail Art Designs right here! If you want something plain and simple for this design, you can simply do an accent nail. Just make sure that your colors are appropriate for the event! A really cool way to show off that baseball spirit is by doing a French tip manicure with a twist – you can make the tips look like the stitches on a baseball! This will make your nails look amazing and will have everyone wanting to know your secret! Something fun to do for this design is to print out some tiny little baseballs onto transfer paper that is suitable for nails, and just stick them onto your nails. You can do this by immersing the printed design in water and then waiting for the plastic part to isolate itself from the paper. All you have to do next is carefully place the design onto your nails and paint over it with a top coat once it dries completely. You could even paint the name of your favorite baseball team on your nails or even the number of that favorite player whom you adore so very much! Something simple and cool to do is to paint a white base coat and then paint some stitching diagonally across the nail. Now you are all set and done for baseball season with these nail designs.

1-Baseball Nail Art Design

Baseball Nail Art Design, Jamberry Best Softball Baseball

2-Cute Baseball Nails

Cute Baseball Nails, Baseball Cute Tribal Halloween

3-Cool Baseball Nail Art

Cool Baseball Nail Art, Baseball Dna Mlb Psa

4-One Finger Baseball Nail Art

One Finger Baseball Nail Art, Baseball Cute Easy Top

5-Stylish Baseball Nail Design

Stylish Baseball Nail Design, Baseball Jamberry Christmas

6- Awesome Style

Baseball Softball Fingernails Halloween

7- Baseball Design

Baseball World Softball Jamberry

8- Toenail Design

Baseball Christmas Pedicures Toe

9- Baseball Designs

Baseball Manicure Day Cute

10- Short Nails

Baseball Cane Candy Jamberry

11- Baseball Toenails

Baseball Toe Girl Shellac

12- Simple Style

French Manicure Baseball Shellac

13- Toe Nail Art

Pedicure Manicure Gel Cute

14- Simple Design

Baseball July Blue Fan

15- Red and White Baseball Design

Baseball Jamberrynails Jamberry Cute

16- Casual Nail Art

Jamberry Photo Polka White

17- Baseball French Tips

Baseball Funky French Gallery

18- Decorated Nails

Baseball Jamberry Cane Candy

19- Short Nails

Baseball Gel Halloween 4Th

20- Glittering Nail Art

Baseball Ideas 4Th Nautical