20 Best Wedding Nail Ideas

For a special event like a wedding, you will put a lot of ideas into what you are going to wear. You will also be thinking about your hair and makeup, yet you have to make sure you remember about your nails. Your nails are an important part of your wedding look, as well! So we have discovered 20 best wedding nails that you have to see. There are some elegant and beautiful designs for ladies. Take a look, any one of these will be ideal for any big day!

1. Wedding Nail Idea

Earlier we shared a nail idea that featured silver stripes. In the event that you loved that design, at that point you may like this one as well. These nails are light chrome with two accent nails. One accent nail is covered in silver sparkle and different has a silver stripe. It indicates how versatile stripe nail art is and how glam it looks. These nails are ideal for the trendsetting ladies.

Wedding Nail Ideas

2. Bridal Natural Nail Art

Searching for a straightforward and jazzy wedding nail design? At that point, these could be for you! The nails are an elegant shade with one silver stripe on each nail. As you can see, the silver stripe has jazzed up the nails and has made the plain color one of a kind. It is a minimal design yet it makes a statement. You can achieve stripes with nail tape. Pick silver stripes for a chic look or go for glam gold. In any case, your nails will look fabulous.

Bridal Nail Designs

3. Bridal Nail Art Design

Next, we have a glam coffin shaped nails. The nails are a light shade with one crystal accent nail on each hand. We love the rhinestone design because it is sparkly and elegant. You can recreate this look or pick your own crystal design. Any nail shape will look lovely as well, however, consider coffin nails to make your hands look long and slim.

Bridal Nail Art Designs

4. Cute Light Pink Bridal Nail Idea

Bridal Nail Ideas

5. Very Long Wedding Nail Design 2019

Wedding Nail Designs 2019

6. Glittered Nails

Bridal Nail Designs-6

7. Long Coffing Nails

Bridal Nail Designs-7

8. Medium Square Nail Art

Bridal Nail Designs-8

9. Very Long Perly Colored Nails

Bridal Nail Designs-9

10. Silver Glittered

Bridal Nail Designs-10


Bridal Nail Designs-11


Bridal Nail Designs-12


Bridal Nail Designs-13


Bridal Nail Designs-14


Bridal Nail Designs-15


Bridal Nail Designs-16


Bridal Nail Designs-17


Bridal Nail Designs-18


Bridal Nail Designs-19


Bridal Nail Designs-20