20 Flower Nail Art Designs

So, you want something other than shapes and animal prints or plain French tips on your nails? If you have thought about a list of other things to put on those nails of yours, you must have come to the conclusion of flowers. This is why we have some beautiful Flower Nail Art Designs to offer you! When it comes to flowers, the nail art designs that you can do are endless. There are so many different types of flowers out there which could probably make you feel a bit overwhelmed, but do not worry because we will show you how you can achieve that beautiful flower nail design! If you are one of those people who like simplicity, you can go for a base coat and then finish with a French tip flower design. You can do this by purchasing some tape that has flowers on it and cutting it to size, then sticking it on your nails and sealing it with a lovely top coat! It’s as easy as that. Of course, you could go for the common accent nail but what if you’re struggling to decide which flower to paint? That’s no problem. You can do something original and paint an orchid or a lily, or even do a dandelion blowing in the wind! Speaking of dandelions blowing in the wind, this is another simple yet elegant nail art design. You can achieve this look by painting the white seeds of a dandelion blowing from wherever you place the flower on your nail. So, if you place the dandelion on your ring finger, you can paint the seeds blowing over onto the middle and index fingers, and then the thumb! Just don’t forget to paint the stem black or a dark green. There you have it; some lovely flower nail designs!

1-Flower Nail Art Design

Flower Nail Art Design, Yellow Gel Almond Flower

2-Beautiful Long Nail Designs

Beautiful Long Nail Designs, Yellow Flower Cute White

3-Floral Summer Nail Ideas

Floral Summer Nail Ideas, Heart Summer Teal Flowers

4-Daisy Nail Decoration with Dark Blue Nails

Daisy Nail Decoration with Dark Blue Nails, Daisy Hot Gel 2017

5-Pink Black Short Nails

Pink Black Short Nails, Pink Black Skin Shellac

6- Pink Toe Nail Art

Flower Pink Tattoo Top

7- Flower Nail Design

Summer July Collection Ideas

8- Yellow Nails

Yellow Color Summer Manicure

9- Turquoise Design

Toe Teal Blue Pink

10- Nail Design with Flowers

Flower Manicure Pink Light

11- Beautiful Design

Manicure White Purple Flowers

12- Pink Design

Pink Flower Hot Valentines

13- Natural Color

Manicure Flower 2017

14- Purple Color Design

Manicure Gel Toe Spring

15- Short Trendy Nails

Manicure Cute Spring Ombre

16- Spring Floral Nails

Spring Manicure Very Easy

17- Flower Nail Art

Manicure Gel Cute Easy

18- Rose Gold Purple Nail Art

Rose Purple Manicure Leaf

19- Faded French Manicure

Flower Elegant But Big

20- Flower Design

Manicure But High Nude