20 Heart Nail Designs

So, it’s nearly Valentine’s day and you have an outfit picked out but you feel there’s just something missing. And then it hits you – nails! How could you possibly forget something so minuscule yet important? Of course people will not only be looking at your nails but your outfit as well! That is precisely why we have created this article of Heart Nail Designs; to help you get those lovely nails done just in time for Valentine’s day. Of course, by the title, you can guess that in this article we will be giving you some lovely ideas for nails filled with love, and to begin with, make sure you at least have the appropriate basic colors; red, pink and/or white. If you are looking for something plain and simple, you could paint a red base coat and add some colored in white hearts, or vice versa. Another simple and cute design that is easy for you to do is an accent nail with a lovely heart that stands out against the rest of your nails. If you want something more complicated, you can paint your nails as if you were doing a French tip manicure, just using a clear coat as a base and black for the tips. It doesn’t end there though; you can add red hearts above the tips to make it look elegant and some thin, swirly black lines in the appropriate places for that beautiful look. A really cool design that is simple but looks amazing is a heartbeat. You can achieve this look by painting your nails in a plain and simple white base coat, and drawing a heartbeat (like on those machines at the hospital). The line of the heartbeat should not connect to your ring finger like the other nails. Your ring finger, or any other one you choose, will be the accent nail and this one will have a heart! So, when you’re feeling the love, don’t forget we have you covered.

1-Heart Nail Design

Heart Nail Design, Heart Red Valentines Love

2-Cute Valentines Day Nails

Cute Valentines Day Nails, Heart Manicure Gel Red

3-Black Heart Nail Art

Black Heart Nail Art, Heart Black Opi Gel

4-Heart Nail Art for Long Stiletto

Heart Nail Art for Long Stiletto, Matte Stiletto Red Hearts

5-Almond Shaped French Nails

Almond Shaped French Nails, Heart Manicure Week Hard

6- Nude Color

Manicure Pink Manicures Heart

7- Heart Shape

Heart French Pretty Gorgeous

8- Red heart Tip Nails

Red Heart Stiletto Stilettos

9- Glittering Heart Tips

Pink Hearts Ongles Nageldesign

10- Colorful Fashionable Nails

Manicure Heart Glamour Fashion

11- Valentine’s Day Nails

12- Heart Nails

Heart Day Hot Best

13- Pink Nails with Small Hearts

Valentines Day Valentine's Ideas

14- Simple Design

Manicure Heart

15- Awesome Design

16- Disney Pink Nails

Pink Disney 2019

17- Valentine’s Day Nails

Heart Valentine Valentines Love

18- Simple Design

Manicure Simple Wedding Day

19- French Tips

French Manicure Heart Wedding

20- Red Hearts

Heart Manicure Gel Polish