20 Simple Nail Art Designs

If you no longer want something complicated or are looking for some simplicity when it comes to your nails being done, here are some Simple Nail Art Designs for you! We know that sometimes too much detail can overcomplicate things; it may take too long or the end result may not be what you expected to be or wanted. This is why we have this article especially for you. We will give you the simplest nail art designs that you will find. And they will not be too complex or take that much time to do complete! They will, however, have your friends, family and even colleagues or strangers taking a second glance! If you love trees or flowers and are looking for something along those lines, then this cherry blossom tree is just the one for you! You can do this by painting the base coat (also the background) white or a pastel blue or maybe even yellow if it suits you. After that is done, you can paint the tiny cherry blossoms by using the end of a bobby pin to make the round flowers. Make sure that there are not too many though because you don’t want your nail to be overcrowded. You can then add the stems and branches of the tree with an old lipstick brush. If you want something much simpler, you can paint a base coat and then do a simple jewel near the cuticle on each nail. For something in between simple and complex, you can do a polka dot design down the center of your nail or diagonally. So, if you are stuck wondering what in the world you could do to get those nail designs that do not take much time and look so simple, then remember this article and have fun!

1-Simple Nail Art Design

Simple Nail Art Design, Winter Manicure 2017 Cute

2-Short Natural Gel Nails

Short Natural Gel Nails, Manicure Simple Gel 3D

3-Easy Geometric Nail Design

Easy Geometric Nail Design, Geometric Manicure Ideas White

4-Spring Cute Nail Design

Spring Cute Nail Design, Spring But High Long

5-Simple and Chic Nail Art

Simple and Chic Nail Art, Manicure Blue Moon Fall

6- Simple Design

Manicure Simple But High

7- Rose Gold Nails

Gel Manicure Finger Manicures

8- Grey and Pink Shellac Nails

Gel Manicure Grey Pink

9- Matte Color

Matte Beginners Dot Fan

10- Simple Nails

Manicure Pro Gel Nageldesign

11- Half and Half Manicure

Simple Manicure Nude Black

12- Nudge Color

Manicure Pretty Simple Gel

13- Simple Nail Art

Manicure Simple Modern Moon

14- Minimalist Nail Art

Manicure Ideas Beautiful

15- Simple Red Design

Manicure Red But Good

16- White Nails with Black Stripes

Chic Ideas Simple Manicure

17- Minimalist Design

Manicure Love Cool Trend

18- Grey Shades

19- Minimalist Style

20- Cute Summer Nails