20 White Nail Designs

If you have already exhausted your nails by trying endless designs and have no idea what to do next for something unique and different than usual, then we have exactly what you are looking for! So you have tried endless attempts at floral designs, black designs, shapes, prismatic, geometric, dotted, striped, animal designs, etc. and you are wondering what you can do to be more out there and unique. The answer to this problem might be one that you never expected or thought about; White Nail Designs! This may sound ridiculous at first but when you try it and get it right, your nails will look like royalty and they will be ready for just about any event that you planned in your calendar! A really simple design that looks so gorgeous is a plain and simple white coat, with an added matte finish. Gloss finishes work well too but matte will have a better effect. Another beautiful and flawless design to try out in white is floral print but done in lines. This is similar to a geometric and prism designs – just with flowers that are drawn in lines! This can be achieved by using a stencil or sticker, or you could just paint them right onto the naked nail if you are daring and adventurous enough. Something that you probably have not thought about doing is cutting a piece of tape into appropriately sized triangles and sticking them onto your nail, just barely touching the cuticle (a pointy side facing the tip of your nail), and painting your nail white! This way, when the tape is removed, you will have a triangle in the color of your natural nail! There are so many options when it comes to single color nail designs; sparkles, glitter, jewels. Rhinestones, matte, gloss, etc. but make sure that you pick the one that best suits you!

1-White Nail Design

White Nail Design, Manicure French Long Kinds

2-French Nail Art

French Nail Art, Manicure White French Acrylic

3-Amazing French Manicure

Amazing French Manicure, Manicure White Little Awesome

4-Feather Black and White

Feather Black and White, White Black Painted Eyelash

5-Glitter Nail Art

Glitter Nail Art, White Glitter French Manicure

6- White Tip Nails

Acrylic White Cute Diamonds

7- Feather Nails

Feather Red Cool Pink

8- White Ombre Nails

Gel French Manicure Trend

9- French Tips

White Acrylic Gel French

10- Short Nails

Manicure French Best Color

11- Long White Nails

White Ongles De Diseños

12- Natural Nail Colors

White Manicure Best Beautiful

13- French Tips

Acrylic French White Manicure

14- White Nails with Glitters

Glitter Matte White Nice

15- Simple Design

White Manicure Real Love

16- Spring Nail Design

Spring Manicure 2017 Ideas

17- Short Cute Nails

Ideas White New Love

18- Marble Coffin Nails

Coffin White Fashion Manicure

19- White Glittering Nails

White Manicure Silver Glitter

20- Cute and Simple Nail Art

White Polish Manicure Gold