2018 Wedding Nail Designs

When the big day approaches, a bride to be is faced with numerous choices that are crucial to how she looks and, what’s more important, how she feels on the occasion. One of those choices is wedding nails design – a small piece of the entire look, easy to miss but making such a big statement (especially on those ring close up photography). How to choose the wedding nail design and what to be aware of while making the choice? We offer you very modern ideas of 2018 Wedding Nail Designs that will become your favorite. Most of the time wedding nails are done in the neutral palette, the wide range of whites, nudes and delicate pinks is always on time. There is a great reason for that – neutral colors are delicate, elegant and timeless. No matter what style of the wedding dress and the venue is, neutrals are an easy choice that fits everything. Opting for neutral colors doesn’t necessarily mean having a plain and predictable manicure or pedicure. There is a variety of sublime nail art design to choose from while sticking to that minimalistic color palette. From flowery designs, through geometric shapes all the way up to a touch of glamour with silver or gold dust. There are many possibilities to spice the wedding mani-pedi up and still be elegant and classy. Look the photos below and you will surely choose an appropriate nail color idea for your wedding. These nail designs are really stunning and beautiful!

1. 2018 Shiny Wedding Nail Design

2018 Wedding Nail Designs

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2. Chic Wedding Nail Design

3. Best White Floral Wedding Nail Design

Best Wedding Nail Designs

4. Wedding Nude Nail Design

Wedding Nail Designs

5. Glittered Wedding Nail Art

Wedding Nail Arts

6. French Tips with Glitters

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-6

7. Glittering Nails

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-7

8. Ombre Technique with Rhinestones

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-8

9. Beige Color

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-9

10. Beautiful Style

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-10

11. Different Shades of Beige Color

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-11

12. French Tips

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-12

13. Nude Color with Glitters

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-13

14. Nude Nail Color

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-14

15. Simple Style

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-15

16. White Color

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-16

17. Light Purple

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-17

18. Cute Nails

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-18

19. Pastel Colors

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-19

20. Gorgeous Nails

2018 Wedding Nail Designs-20