23 Bridal Nail Designs

If you are that one lucky girl who gets to marry the person of her dreams and the plans are arranged, like the wedding cake has been ordered, the entertainment is booked, the guests have been invited, your perfectly stunning wedding gown is hanging in the closet, waiting to be put on by you…but you just have no idea what to do with your nails, then this is for you. We will offer you some of the most beautiful Bridal Nail Designs that you will ever see! So, your wedding day is getting closer and all plans are in check but what about those plain old nails of yours? This is the biggest day of your life and you simply need to look gorgeous! Because everyone will be looking at how the love of your love puts the ring on your finger, they will notice your nails, so give them something to gaze at. You can opt for a classic French tip design if you’re a plain Jane. However, for those of you who want something a little spicier, a lovely nude pink base coat with sparkly diamonds at the cuticle will look gorgeous. If you want something more in detail, you could go with that nude pink coat and add some white lace to match that gown of yours and have you looking elegant. If you want something glittery, you can have your nails done a nude color and have a sparkly silver polish applied as a gradient starting at the tips but not touching the cuticles (just make sure that there are large enough pieces of glitter to make the gradient even). A French tip design finished with little silver jewels in the appropriate places looks beautiful as well. If you are in fact a plain Jane and you don’t worry much about your nails, a sophisticated nude base coat with an optional accent nail will have you looking like a princess! So, don’t stress about your nails when it comes to that big day because you have everything you need right here!

1-Bridal Nail Design

Bridal Nail Design, Gel Wedding Bridal French

2-Bridal Gold Glitter Gel Nails

Bridal Gold Glitter Gel Nails, Glitter Top Week Bridal

3-Nude Color Elegant Nail Design

Nude Color Elegant Nail Design, Manicure Bridal Best Elegant

4-Short Wedding Nails

Short Wedding Nails, Manicure White Pale Pink

5-Floral Bridal Nails 2018

Floral Bridal Nails 2018, Bridal Day Canada De

6- Simple French Tips

Wedding Manicure French Spring

7- 3D Flowers

Wedding White Bridal Manicure

8- Cute and Simple Design

Wedding Manicure Big Day

9- Matching Nails and Toes

Wedding Day New Leaf

10- French Tips with Flowers

Wedding Fingernails Bride Ideas

11- Marble Nail Design

Wedding Ongles Manicure

12- Minimalist Design

Manicure Top Year Bridal

13- Nude Color with Glitters

Ideas Cute Bride Brides

14- Vintage Nails for Brides

Lace Day Basic White

15- Long Bridal Nails

Bridal Nagelschere Nageldesign Ongles

16- Simple yet Beautiful Nails

Wedding Day Photo Style

17- Ombre Style

Elegant Wedding Manicure

18- Pink and White Ombre Nails

Bridal De Diseños Acrylic

19- Short Nails with Glitters

Bridal Wedding Glitter Fun

20- Bridal Nails

Manicure Wedding 3D Bride

21- White Toe Nail Manicure with Rhinestones

White Toe Manicure Rhinestone

22-Gorgeous Style

23- White Nails