23 Chic Stiletto Nail Art

If you do not want that boring nail art on your own nails and you want some of those cool, classy nails that all the big celebrities and actors and stars you love wear, look no further because have just the thing that you are looking for! Today, we will give you some classic, Chic Stiletto Nail Art designs that you can show your nail artist at your next visit to the salon. So, everyone seems to be wearing these fake nails that look like claws…and you happen to absolutely love them! (because who doesn’t love some fake nails for once in their lives, right ladies and gents?) Something simple to do if you do not want any hassle about the designs and complex decisions, you can simply ask your salon to do a lovely plain nail art design for you on your stiletto nails. Something really glamorous and very much Hollywood celebrity looking is a stiletto nail design with a light, pastel base and some sparkly glitter at the cuticle most likely applied with a sponge. This way you can get that full and complete glitter effect because the polish is absorbed by the sponge and you are left with some sparkle for your nails! Another way to change it up a little bit is to do different colors on each nail, or opposite colors on your nails. You can even do a design in which you add some jewels for more sparkle and shine! Something unique and that you simply must try out is a French tip stiletto nail! It will not be a square tip but it will look even more beautiful at a stiletto nail! You can even spice it up by getting some flames or flowers on those nails. So, show your artist these designs and good luck!

1-Stiletto Nail Art

Stiletto Nail Art, Acrylic Photo Metallic Gorgeous

2-Stiletto Green and White Nails

Stiletto Green and White Nails, Stiletto Almond Acrylic Ongles

3-3D Stiletto Nail Design

3D Stiletto Nail Design, Stiletto Pink 3D Hard

4-Holo Nails Design

Holo Nails Design, Manicure Stiletto Dark Coffin

5-Candy Pink and Blue Ombre Nail Art

Candy Pink and Blue Ombre Nail Art, Blue Pink Gradient Stiletto

6- Blue Glitter Nails

Blue Glitter Stiletto Midnight

7- Stiletto Nail Design

Manicure Matte Birthday Stiletto

8- Classic Style

Stiletto Coffin De Diseños

9- Pink Nails

Pink Rose Stiletto Paznokcie

10- Black and Pink Nails

Stiletto Pink Easy Trend

11- Colorful Nail Art

Summer Stiletto Neon Crazy

12- Stiletto Nails

Stiletto Stilettos Pink

13- Blue Amond Nails

Purple Stiletto Hard Trend

14- Classic Design

Stiletto Shape Coffin Stilettos

15- Pink and White Nails

Stiletto But High Rock

16- Minnie Mouse Nails

Mouse Minnie Red Pointy

17- Acrylic Nails

Gel Ongles Stilettos Medium

18- Glittering Nails

Stiletto Halloween Stilettos

19- Long Nails

Pink Gel Stiletto

20- Stilleto Nails

Feather Stiletto Oval Very

21- Blue Glitter Nail Design

Stiletto Shapes Ongles Blue

22- Pink Manicure

Stiletto Pink Matte Acrylic

23- Gorgeous Nail Design

Stiletto Love Gold Stilettos