23 Natural Fake Nails

Are you a nail biter? Or you just keep your nails short because they are brittle? Well, whatever your reasons are, it is totally understandable if you can not keep long nails.

In today’s time period a lot of women cannot afford to have long nails because of obvious reasons like they are really hard to maintain, plus at times they become very impractical. But do not be disheartened, now you can acquire the perfect look of a natural nail by using some fake nails.

You, of course, might have heard about the artificial nails, fake nails, nail wraps, and the nail extension. These are basically used as an extension that is placed on top of your fingernails as fashion accessories. Now the most common types of fake nails are – gel, acrylic, and silk. So if you are looking for something that will commit to you for a longer period, then you can opt for the gel and acrylic based nail. But if you just want to keep your nails short, then you can pick the silk ones as they are basically used for a shorter period of time plus they help in strengthening the tips of your nails and also repair the nail trauma.

The gel based nails are mostly picked by people as they provide a more natural look plus they have glossy finishing and to top it up, they are much more flexible than the acrylic nails. So now that you know what kind of fake nail to pick, you might be wondering how to make them look real. Don’t you worry, this is where our job begins. To give a natural look to your fake nails all you have to do is pick the appropriate color and combine it with the perfect nail art design. And also remember to keep them in shape.

So if you are looking for some natural nail art designs for you fake nails, then explore through these 23 trending colors and patterns that are simple, subtle and classy.

1-Natural Fake Nails

Natural Fake Nails, Nail Natural Acrylic Manicure

2-Natural Tip Acrylic Nail Art

Natural Tip Acrylic Nail Art, Acrylic Nails Classy Nail

3-Clear Soft White Nail Polish

Clear Soft White Nail Polish, Nails Nail Ombre Acrylic

4-Glittered French Nail Design

Glittered French Nail Design, Glitter Nails Nail Gel

5-Long Fake Nails

Long Fake Nails, Nail Nails Fake Natural


Nail Nails Ongles Claw


Acrylic Nail Nails Fake


Engagement Rings Love Fake


Tattoo Black Art Nail


Nails Nail Nude Polish


Nails Nail Acrylic Ideas


Nails Nail Fake Coffin


Nail Fake Natural Polish


Nails Nail Acrylic Cute


Nails Nail Shape Images


Nail Fake Manicure Nails


Nail Nails Fake Natural


Nail Nails Acrylic Coffin


Nails Nail Fake But


Nail Nails Fake Natural


Nails Acrylic Nail Matte


Nails Nail Natural Acrylic


Nails Glitter Nail Ombre