25 Best Coffin Nail Art

If you are tired of the same boring nail shape that is your natural nail and you want some change for once, then why not try some beautiful and glamorous coffin nails? If you are thinking the type of coffins that those creepy vampires sleep in during the day to avoid the sunlight, then think again because coffin nail art is not at all about actual coffins! Okay, maybe just a little bit, and if you wanted to actually paint coffins on them they could be. However, they are called coffin nails because they have the shape of a coffin, and if that was not obvious, then who knows! Here we will give you some of the Best Coffin Nail Art designs that you might like to try! If you want to take the words “coffin nail art” into a literal consideration something cool, clever and of course ‘punny’ would be to paint actual coffins…on your coffin nails! It’s wordplay and it’s smart! You can either print some tiny little coffins out that will fit onto your nails, or you can have that wonderfully talented nail artist at your salon do them for you. If you feel in the mood for something extravagant, you can have your base coat done in whichever color you prefer, and thereafter have some lovely jewels added for shine and sparkle! Who wouldn’t want that? Another beautiful coffin nail design is doing any color base coat and having a matte finish or top coat applied; that is, if the polish is not already matte! Matte coffin nails work so well when you have an accent nail to show off. Just make sure that the design is a bit complex. Not too much though, maybe something floral! There you have it; some coffin nail designs to try out, and the list goes on!

1-Coffin Nail Art

Coffin Nail Art, Glitter Coffin Acrylic Long

2-Pink White Ombre Nail

Pink White Ombre Nail, Coffin Pink White Pretty

3-New Beige Spring Nail Art

New Beige Spring Nail Art, Coffin New Beige Girls

4-Summer Trend Nail Art

Summer Trend Nail Art, Coffin Trend Summer Gorgeous

5-Glitter Golden Coffin Nails

Glitter Golden Coffin Nails, Glitter Golden Acrylic Rose

6- White and Purple Nails

White Coffin Glitter Acrylics

7- Coffin Nail Art

Coffin Photo Naillounge Fiina

8- Ocean Design

Coffin Acrylic

9- Glitter Silver Design

Acrylic Glitter Top Fun

10- Pink Nails

Pink Sparkly Acrylic Coffins

11- Matte Nail Color

Coffin But Color Jewels

12- Coffin Nails

Coffin Acrylic Pink Long

13- Coffin Ombre Nails

Ombre Matte Coffin Nial

14- Dark Colors

Color Manicure Ring Dark

15- Pink Nails

Cute Pretty Ongles Nude

16- Dark Red Nails

Coffin Manicure Stilettos Ideas

17- Ombre Nail Art

Ombre Acrylic Acrylics Hot

18- Purple Matte Nails

Matte Coffin Purple Ballerina

19- Trendy Nails

Coffin Ideas Polish Acrylic

20- Purple and White Nails

White Coffin Gel Seal

21- Black Nails and White Roses

Photo Cute Super Bridal

22- Fall Nail Color

Ideas Coffin Fall Top

23- Festive Nails

Coffin New Thin Long

24- Coffin Nails

Manicure Fan Artist Trending

25- Matte Colors

Matte Coffin Red Lips