25 Pink Nail Designs

If you are looking to be different in what your nails look like and you want something simple but that can also be complex and detailed, then this article is perfect for you! In this article, we will give you some lovely Pink Nail Designs and you can easily recreate them by following these instructions! This will have your nails looking glamorous and girly, and very cute! When it comes to pink, the color can be either harsh or rather subtle. If you want something subtle, you can simply go for a nude pink coat and have a matte finish, or a glossy one. If you would like, you could even have a textured look by adding some tiny, colorless glitter to the top of your nails, or adding it to an accent nail of your choosing. Another lovely design that you should definitely try out is a pink gradient. You can do this by using different shades of pink and creating a gradient by dabbing the different pink shades onto your nails with a sponge. You might have to reapply to the same nail more than once, but trust me, it will all be worth it! You can add a matte finish for a classy looking nail design if you wish. If you would like to sparkle it up, you can get some dusty pink nail jewels and stick them onto an appropriate shade of pink base coat. And if you would like to have just a little bit more of that sparkle, you can use some nail glitter and apply it to however many nails you wish to glitter up! You can even use nail powder and apply it with an eye makeup brush (those ones we never use but are included in the eye palettes). This will bring out more glitter and amplify the effect. So, now you can go crazy with different pink polishes!

1-Pink Nail Design

Pink Nail Design, Pink Hot Gel Little

2-Pink Dots Nail Art

Pink Dots Nail Art, Pink Dots White Manicure

3-Pink Ombre Nail Design

Pink Ombre Nail Design, Pink Ombre Love Beautiful

4-Pink Glitter Nails

Pink Glitter Nails, Pink Glitter Hot Manicure

5-Coffin Chrome Nails

Coffin Chrome Nails, Pink Coffin Mint Green

6- Hot Pink Nail Color

Pink Years Painted Manicure

7- Two Colored Nails

Manicure Knuckle Pro Band

8- Glitter Acrylic Nails

Glitter Coffin Acrylic Glamour

9- Christmas Nails

Glitter Ideas 2017 Most

10- Light Pink Coffin Nails

Coffin Pink Light Rose

11- Pink Nail Design

Pink Ongles Nageldesign

12- Pink Nails with Black Dots

Dot Polka Top Dots

13- Gorgeous Nails

Pink Light White Acrylic

14- Pink French Tips

Pink Photo French

15- Coffin Nails

Pink Coffin Long Beauty

16- Short Pink Nail Design

Pink But Black Acrylic

17- Simple Light Pink Nails

Manicure Nude Acrylic Toe

18- Festive Look

Pink Summer Manicure Very

19- Pink Nails with Heart

Pink Hot Hearts Fun

20- Pink and Gold Nails

Pink Gold Glitter Rose

21- Cute fake Nails

Pink Acrylic Cute But

22- Pink Nails with Glitter

Pink Glitter Day Really

23- Simple Design

Pink Day Hot Best

24- Pink and Silver Nails

Acrylic Pink Silver Glitter

25- Grey and Pink Nail Art

Gray Pink Easy Super