25 Wedding Nail Art Designs

If you are awaiting that big day – the most important day of your life – and you have all your plans in order, with everything booked and ready to be set up on the day, but you’re missing a little something, we have just what you are looking for. We have some amazing Wedding Nail Art Designs for those brides to be who are getting the nervous flutters just thinking about what their nails should look like on their big day! A beautiful and elegant design is a nude basecoat on all of your nails, finished with a glossy topcoat and. That’s not where it stops though; to bring this look together, you can add an accent nail and make it simple yet stunning by adding a row of silver jewels to the outer edge of your nail, only across half of the nail. You can get your nails done in a most extravagant way by getting stiletto nails done and painting three in a simple white, accented with silver jewels, and two in shimmering silver. You can leave the pinky unaccented to give more effect to this look. You could even have your nails done in a simple way by getting a nude pink base coat and having your accent nail say “love”; after all, that it what that big day is about, right ladies? A little glitter on two of those nails wouldn’t hurt either. You could even go the extra mile by going to the salon and getting your nails done in a nude color, and then accentuate all of them with tiny white flowers! That will definitely have people admiring those nails of yours. If you are, however, not into all of those complicated designs, you could simply opt for a nude color or a white color with a matte or glossy finish. So, think of this article when you want to know what you should do with your nails and remember that the possibilities are endless.

1-Wedding Nail Art Design

Wedding Nail Art Design, Wedding Hilton Website Day

2-Wedding French Nails

Wedding French Nails, Wedding French Ideas Glitter

3-Lace Nail Art for Wedding

Lace Nail Art for Wedding, Wedding Day 2017 Most

4-Nail Art for Brides

Nail Art for Brides, Wedding French Manicure Toes

5-Square Pink Long Nails with Diamonds

Square Pink Long Nails with Diamonds, Nude Ideas Wedding Acrylic

6- Blue and White Design

Wedding Ideas Manicure Summer

7- French Tips

Wedding Gorgeous Manicure French

8- Wedding French Manicure

Wedding Manicure Simple Day

9- Nude Color with Glitters

Wedding Manicure Day Most

10- French Tips with Rhinestones

Wedding Manicure Day New

11- Ivory Wedding Nails

Wedding Ideas Manicure Day

12-  Coffin Nails

Simple Wedding Glitter Acrylic

13- Bride and Groom Nails

Day Wedding New Leaf

14- Wedding Nails

Wedding Ombre Manicure Big

15- French Nails

Cake Very World Classy

16-Glittering Acrylic Nails

Glitter Acrylic Top Year

17- French Tips with Gold Design

Wedding Candy Colors Bridal

18- White Nails

Bridal Perfect Wedding Ongles

19- Glittering Coffin Nails

Wedding Acrylic Coffin Polish

20- Simple Nail Art

Wedding Ideas Manicure Bridal

21- Ombre Nails

Wedding White Ideas Manicure

22- Wedding Nails

Manicure 2017 Cool Espelhada

23- Acrylic Nails

Love Styles Winter Stilettos

24- Flowers on Nails

Brides Fast Trend Ideas

25- Wedding Style

Wedding Manicure Soft Very