30 Blue And White Nails

A perfect nail art design comprises of a perfect combination of colors plus an ideal pattern. Now the shade of your nail paint says a lot about your mood and your personality. Of course, people put on vibrant colors to match their attire, but one should always opt for the color which suits their style and nature.

Nail paint is something which brings out your persona, and at times it is used to express the kind of person you are and what are your likes and dislikes. Now since the world is full of colors, you might sometimes get confused in which color to choose from. You might be a person who loves the deadly red shades or you might be someone who’s all time favorite is the pink color. But the coolest thing about nail paint is that, it is not permanent, hence you can go ahead and explore all the possible color combinations that exist in the colorland.

For the lovers of blue out there, you have made a wise choice. Blue is amongst the color that is very mystical in nature and is omnipresent. Take it from the color of the skies to the color of the sea, and it is not only refreshing to the eyes but it one of the colors which will make your nails look fresh and clean. Moreover, it is represented as a color which gives out a peaceful vibe along with being fierce. Blend it with white, and you have achieved the flawless look.

Thus there are various shades of colors which you can choose from and to get the right one, combine them with an appropriate color combination and design pattern. And if you are looking for some blue and white combinations and designs, then here are the 30 blue and white nail ideas that are perfect to make you feel confident. So go bold with the shades of blue and check out these impeccable designs that are merged with white color to get you an absolute look.

1-Blue and White Nails

Blue and White Nails, Nail Blue Flowers Manicure

2-Blue and White Chic Nail Colors

Blue and White Chic Nail Colors, School Colors Nails Blue

3-Short Nail Idea

Short Nail Idea, Nail Blue Nails White

4-Polka Dots Nails

Polka Dots Nails, Dots Nail White Polka

5-Blue White Nail Style

Blue White Nail Style, Blue White Nail Manicure


Nail White Blue Glitter


Nail Blue Designs Art


Glitter Blue Nails Nail


Nail Summer Manicure Color


Nail Blue White Acrylic


Manicure Nail Blue Nails


Nail Blue Royal Manicure


Nails Nail Blue Botanic


Nails Nail Blue White


Nail Blue Nails White


Nail Art Hello Nailart


Nail Blue White Nails


Polish Blue Nail Gel


Nails Nail Blue Royal


Nail Blue Navy Silver


Nail Black Polish Manicure


Blue Nails Nail White


Nail Blue White Manicure


Dots Nail Polka Nails


Nail Nails Fall Blue