75 Must-See Nail Designs 2016 – 2017

Do you need a huge gallery about of nail-trend? We collect most beloved nail designs from pinterest and instagram, just for you ladies! New trends and fashion specify on social media. Don’t waste your time to look all these social media websites, bc we are here with amazing nail designs for 2017! Unique shapes (almond, stiletto or square nails), summer nail trends, different colors, and various lengths…
Before start nail art, you need to get right length, or you can use fake nails. Also there are too many shapes; almond, square, stiletto nails and more… Just make a decision which shape you love and your hand fix with, and then use different nail art designs.
There are too many techniques for getting a design, stickers, glitters, fine brushes, accessories, etc. You can even use a tape for a create art design. Let’s check these amazing nail design ideas and create a new style for yourself:

1. Short Simple Nail Shape


2. Nail Design for Short Nails

Splattersplatter, Painted Nail, Splatter Paintsplatter Paint, Short

3. French Nail Art We Heart

Heart Nail, Nail Polish, Nude Manicures, French Manicure

4. Black And White Nail Art Design

White Nail, Silver Nail Manicures, French, Grey

5. Geometric Nail Art

Nail, Art, Blue Glass Nail, Manicures, Chevron Nail, Blue, Geometric, Chevron

6. Fall Glittering Nail Design 2017

Glitter Nail, Glitter, Polish, Nail Polish, Pink, Fall, 2017, Cool, Idea

7. Summer Shellac Nail

Manicures, Art, Pretty Nail, Nail Color, Pretty Colors, Color, Shellac

8. Black and Silver Nails

Nail, Artle Nail, Silver Nail, Black Nail, Dark Nail, Dark, Silver

9. Nails Art We Heart

Nail, Romantic Art, Pinkstamps, Pink, Heart, Show, S

10. White Nails with Glitter

White Nail, Accent Nail, Glitter, Summer Manicures, White, Accent

11. Nail Design for Summer

Polish, Glitter, Nail Polish, Glitter Nail, Pink, Kbshimmer

12. Marble Nail Art

Marble Nail Art

13. Orange Gel Nail for Summer

Nail Summer Orange, Orange Polish, Swatch

14. Gel Nail Art Flowers

Art, Gel Nail, Flower Nail, Manicures, Floral

15. Metallic Pink Nail Polish

S, İridescent Nail, Holographic Nail Polish, Opalmetallic Nail, Polish

16. Gel Nail Summer 2017

Nail, Nude Pretty Nail, Weddingglitter, Nude, Wedding, 2017, Summer

17. Matte White Nail Design

White Nail, Manicures, Polish, Nail Polish, Essie, Matte

18. Halloween Nail Art Design

Art, Acrylic Nail, Flower Nail, Yellow Flowers, Yellow, Floral

19. Triangle Nail

Stilettowhite Nail, Nude Stilettos, Beautiful, Nude, White, Triangle, Stiletto,

20. Nude Nails On Dark Skin

Coffin Nail Glitter, Wedding Ps, Dark, Nude, Color, Coffin, Skin,

21. Nails Decorated for Wedding 2017

Nail, Polka Dots, Dot Nail, Art, S, Dot, Polka, Decorated, Wedding,

22. Neutral Nail Designs

Nail Nail, Pretty Nail, Gold Nail, S, Pink Neutral

23. Grey Blue Nail Polish

Essie, Nail Polish, Polish, Swatch, Long Turquoise Manicures, Long, Turquoise

24. French Manicure Nail Polish

Wedding Simple Art, Manicures, Beauty Simple, Wedding, French

25. Pink Coffin Nail Designs

Pink Nail, Pink, Beauty Coffinstiletto Coffin, Stiletto, Idea, Beauty

26. Simple Halloween Nail Designs

İls, Halloweenhalloween, Art, Halloween Orange, Nailday Simple

27. Pink Almond Acrylic Nails

Nail Ring, Rings, Midi Rings, Knuckle Rings, Stiletto Summer Midi

28. Nail Color Summer 2017

Essie, Nail Polish, Polish, Swatch, Nail Color, Zoya, Opi, Color, 2017, Summer

29. Glitter Nail

Glitter, Glitter Nail, Sparkle, Pink, Beautiful

30. Glitter Nail Design

Glitter Nail Glitter, Mermaid Polish, Nail Polish, Mermaid, Idea, S, Art

31. Rose Gold Nail Polish

Glitter Nail, Polish, Glitter, Nail Polish, Sparklesparkly China Glaze, Swatch,

32. Discreet Designs for Nail

Nail, Pretty Nail, Art, Beautymakeup Manicures, Pretty

33. Nails

Easy Nail, Pastel Nail, Pretty Nail, Art, Pastel

34. Almond Shaped Nail Design

Pink, Polish, Art, Summer Glitter, Manicures, Shape, Almond

35. Nail

Nail, Black Nail, White Nail, Art, Nail Decals, S, White, Black, Decals, Idea, S,

36. Unghie Gel Per Sposa

Nail Polish, Essie, Nude Nail Color, Polish, Pink Opi, Nude, Pink, Color, Gel

37. Beautiful Nail

Nail, Coffinstilettoart, Coffin, Stiletto, Beautiful

38. Matte Black Coffin Nails

Matte Nail, Black Nail, Matt, Matte Black, Stiletto French Manicure, Black

39. Short Oval Gel Nails

White Nail, Nude Manicures, Nudes, Beautiful, Coffin Short, Nude, White, Coffin

40. Matte Nail

Nail, Stiletto Matte Nail, Fallnail Polish, Matt, Stiletto, Fall, Fashion, Idea, Polish,

41. Neutral Nail Designs

Glitter Nail, Polish, Glitter, Nail Polish, Chevron Nail, Neutral

42. Pink And Silver Nails

Manicures, Art, Pink Wedding White Nail, Summer Silver, White, Pink, Wedding

43. Nail

Halloween Art, Skull Polka Dots, Halloween, Skull, Polka, Dots

44. White Holographic Nails

Blue, Nail Polish, Beautiful, Polish, Art, Blue White, Holographic, Mani

45. Coffin Nail Designs with Rhinestones

Nail, Pink, Laquenailbar Getlaqued, Ps, Laquenailbar, Acrylic Cof

46. Nail

Pink, Pinkhot Pink, Pink Acrylic Hot, Striped, Idea, Acrylic, S

47. Gel Nails 2017

Stiletto Nail Nude Nail, Nudes, Nude, Stiletto, 2017, Idea, Gel,

48. Blue French Tip Nail Designs

Nailrt, Frenchmanicures, French Manicurecrylic Blue, French, Tip

49. Pink Glitter Coffin Nails

Nail, Glitter Nail, Glitter, Beauty Coffinpink

50. French Nail Art Designs

Glitter, Galaxyglitter Nail, Gel, Galaxies, Sparkle, Galaxy, French, Photos,

51. Purple Stiletto Nail Designs

Stilettostilettos, Glitter, Art, Purple, Stiletto, Idea, S

52. Feather Nail Design

Ombre Nail, Summer Nail, Pretty Nail, Art, S, Feather, Ombre

53. Catherine Nails

Lka Dots Dots, Dot Nail, Easter Bunny Nail, Pretty Nail, Short, White, Dot, Bunny

54. Azuki Color Nail

Nail Mon, Nude Polish, Nail Polish, Manicures, Essie, Tokyo

55. Nail

Nude Manicures, Pink Nail Color, Pretty Nail, Bubble Bath, Nude, Pink, Color, Bubble

56. Neon Orange Long Nails

Manicures, Summer Pink, Beautiful, Polish, Opi, Long, Orange

57. Decorated Gel Nails

Nail Glitter Nail, Pretty Nail, Badgirl Nail, Bright, Decorated

58. Decorated Nail Designs

Art, Polka Dots, Cupcake Nail, Valentine Nail, Dots, Polka, Cupcake

59. Matte Nail Designs 2017

Peacock Peacocks, Art, Peacock Feathers Matte, Feathers, Peacock, 2017

60. Francesinha Unha

Weddingbridal Manicures, Nude Trendy Gorgeous Nail Polish, Bridal, Nude, Wedding

61. Short Black Nails

Black Nail, Burgundy Nail, Naile Nail, Art Ideas, Short, Burgundy

62. Best Nail Designs 2017

Glitter, Polishk Nail, Nail Polish, Pink Sparkle, Glitter Nail, Sparkle

63. Cnd Shellac Nail Designs

Ombre Nail, Ombré Pretty Nail, Polish, Nail Polish, Summer Purple, Ombre

64. Nails İnspo

Rings, Nail Ring, Coffin Stilettocoffin, Ring, Stiletto, Girl

65. Embroidered Nail

Art, Floral Nail, Flower Nail Summer Floral

66. Red And Black Nails

Christmas Red, Art Holiday Nail, Black, Ombre

67. Winter Nail Designs 2017

Art, Black Nail, Accent Nail Black

68. Nail

Art, Cat Manicures, Kitty Nail, Cat, Kitty

69. Spring

Art, Daisy Nail, Spring Halloweenolive

70. Simple Nail

Simple Nail

71. Matte, Gold

İls, Stilettocoffin Nail, Matte Nail, Gold Stilettos, Pointy, Matte, Gold

72. Pink Foot Nail

Pink Pink Nail, Manicures, Round Gold Studs, Art, Gold, Round, Studs, Foot

73. Nail

Wedding Nail, Beauty Coffin French Manicure, Beautiful, Coffin, Wedding, French

74. Glitter

Glitter Black Nail, Shellac, Gel, Art, Powder, Black, Colors

75. Nail

Art, Pastel Nail, Polish, Flower Nail, Manicures, Pastel