Best Snowflake Designs on Nails

If you are a girl who likes to adopt a nail design regardless of the weather and season. These are perfect for winter but it can be really inspiring so we want to show you immediately when we saw them!

Every snowflake is unique and their shape is the perfect representation of winter season. Snowflakes look great on generally green, red or blue base, it can be glittery or really simple snowflake on a single nail. It is all up to you to get winter nails that will emphasize your style for Christmas time or any other winter day. If you are a really lazy girl just get a white nail polish and use a toothpick to create really tiny snowflake on your base coat. You will be ready to go!

 Let’s take a look at these gorgeous snowflake nail art pics that will make you swoon. These are really easy that you can create most of them at home by yourself especially if you practice a little bit.

1. Blue Glittery Nails

Cute blue and shiny snowflakes on white nails with tiny dots looks really worked on it, this one is perfect for special days like Christmas.

Glitter Nail Blue Glitter, Polish, Nail Polish, Blue, Decorated, Idea

2. Snowflake Nails

Look at this beautiful nail art! This blue to white ombre nails look really cool and snowflakes make them even more cooler!

Glitter, Winter Snowflake Polish, Blue, Art, Christmas Ombre

3. Geometric Snowflake Nail Art

If you love geometrical shapes, this is totally great for you, pale ice blue base and solid geometric design’s harmony, totally amazing.

Art, Winter Stamps, Christmas Snowflake Nail, London

4. Icy Nail Art

Those nails are looks like ice isn’t it? This style looks really stunning, especially for winter lover ice queens 🙂

Winter Christmas Nail, Snow Flake, Art, Snowflake Snow

5. Different Nail Design

Blue to white ombre nail color looks really stylish on the base, actually that’s already enough for me, but you can add some simple shapes or stickers if you want…

Polish, Christmas Winter Nail, Nail Polish, Snowflake Blue, Snowflake, Winter, Christmas,

6. Christmas Nail Art  withSnowflakes

Polish, Winter Art, Nail Polish, Glitter, Snowflake Blue

7. Snowflake Nail Art

French Manicure, Winterwedding Christmas Lace Nail, White Nail, White, Lace

8. Blue Nails

Art, Blue, Polish, Winter Snowflake Snowflake, Water