Cool Toe Nail Designs for Summer

Summer is about to come and we have already started to wear peep-toe shoes and sandals so it is time to go with fun and chic nails! Summer nail colors are generally vibrant and shiny, you can go with glitter nails or really bright green, blue, orange or yellow colors.

Nail design can be really versatile especially for summer. First, you need to start with a base coat, if you skip this step it will be hard to remove your nail polish and it can give some damages. Then apply the base nail color for instance if you want beach look, go with light blue color. Then create the design add in accessories like shells, little stones or umbrellas 🙂 Glittery, golden nails are also perfect for summer especially for the beach, it will look great with tanned skin. Confetti nails are another fun and shiny options for young women who like colors and shimmer.

Nail-polish combinations really important if you want unique colors at the same time. If you don’t have any idea about colors with concordance, you can check out our articles or social media trends. But we already collect best nail designs for you, do not waste your time other web-sites 🙂

1. Cool Toe Nail Design 2017

Marble toe nails looks totally stunning and attractive! Look at these vivid colors combinations:

Cool Toe Nail Designs 2017

2. Easy Cool Toe Nail Art

Adorable green colored and solid lines totally cute and chic for stylish ladies. You can try this toe-nail design in tis summer time 2017.

Easy Cool Toe Nail Art

3. Toe Nail Designs

 Toe Nail Designs

4. Cool Spring Nail Colors 2017

 Cool Spring Nail Colors 2017

5. Flower Toe Nail Designs

 Flower Toe Nail Designs

6- Summer Toe Nail Designs

 Summer Toe Nail Designs

7- Cool Toes

 Cool Toes

8- Cool Nail Designs for Summer

 Cool Nail Designs for Summer