Long nails and almond shaped nails are great for women who like eye-catching looks, you can go with acrylic or fake nails or natural nails can be shaped as almonds.

1. Almond Shape Natural Colored Nail Art

Here is a very eye-catching nail art idea that you can get professionally as acrylic nails.

Almond Shape Nail Arts

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2. Almond Shape Floral Nail Art

Cute floral nail art is always a great idea for women who like simple and elegant styles.

Almond Nail Arts

3. Glittered Almond Shape Nail

Here is a monochrome nail with matte pink nude nails, as you can see they look great on women with darker skin tones.

Almond Shape Nails

4. Nude Base Almond Nail Design

Gorgeous manicure is everything for a woman so these almond shaped nails look perfect, don’t you think so?

Almond Nail Designs

5. Amazing Red Colored Almond Nail Style

Almond Shape Nail Styles

6. Watercolor Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-6

7. Marble Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-7

8. Nude and White Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-8

9. Matte Black and Nude Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-9

10. Purple Nail Idea

Almond Shape Nail Arts-10

11. Nude Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-11

12. Matte Nair Art

Almond Shape Nail Arts-12

13. Nair Art Idea

Almond Shape Nail Arts-13

14. Matte and Colorful Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-14

15. Shimmery Nails

Almond Shape Nail Arts-15


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