Fabulous Almond Shape Nail Designs You Should See

Almond shape nails are perfect for modern, chic style that will show off every detail of the nail art you have. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have almond shape nails easily so it would be wise to go with acrylic nails to have this shape of nails.

Nail art should be suitable the occasion, shimmery or glittery nails won’t be suitable for everyday casual looks instead of that go with geometrical nail designs or with different figures. Glittery nail polish can be applied only one fingernail too.

1. Great Color Combination for Almond Nail Design

Baby blue and glittery blue nails with geometrical shape look really cute and stylish.

Almond Nail Designs

2. Almond Shape Natural Nail Design

Here is a really natural matte nail idea for women who can’t grow their nails that much longer.

Almond Shape Nail Designs

3. Almond Shape Geometric Nail Art

Geometrical nail art is popular recently and it can be created with a little help of tape or thin brushes.

Almond Shape Nail Arts

4. Really Stylish Nail Style

Look at those almond-shaped nails! Nude pink color and silver strip looks really elegant and chic.

Almond Nail Styles

5. Glittered Almond Nails

Almond Shape Nail Ideas

6. Nude Pink and White

Almond Shape Nail Designs-6

7. Glittery Nail Art

Almond Shape Nail Designs-7

8. Neon and Black Nails

Almond Shape Nail Designs-8

9. Gorgeous Almond Shaped Nails

Almond Shape Nail Designs-9

10. Matte Nude Nails

Almond Shape Nail Designs-10

11. Nude Ombre Nail Coloring

Almond Shape Nail Designs-11

12. Pastel Colors

Almond Shape Nail Designs-12

13. Long Nail Color

Almond Shape Nail Designs-13

14. Long Acrylic Nails

Almond Shape Nail Designs-14

15. Nude and Blue Nails

Almond Shape Nail Designs-15

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