Glittered Nail Art Designs will Amaze You

Some women like their nail art neat and plain some like it colorful and fun some women like nail arts with diamonds, rocks and glittery. In today’s post, I want to share with you really appealing and flattering glittered nail art ideas that will inspire you, so you can create them yourself or show it to your nail design salon.

1. Glittered White and Golden Nail Art Design

White and golden looks really alluring and elegant, this nail art is suitable for special occasions like weddings.

Glittered Nail Art Designs

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2. Glittered Rhinestones Nail Art

Glitters and diamonds look definitely chic and rich on nail art with white base coloring like this one below:

Glittered Nail Arts

3. Amazing Coffin Long Nail Design

Nude matte coffin shaped nails with an amazing nail art idea would be the best choice for special events.

Glittered Nail Designs

4. Golden Glittered Nail Style

Golden and bronze nails effortlessly look elegant especially when you add glittery polish and diamonds.

Glittered Nail Styles

5. Glittered Floral Nail Style

Here is a cute nail art idea for girls with short nails, this one is perfect for anytime and anywhere.

Glittered Nail Trends

6. Pink and Glitters

Glittered Nail Art Designs-6

7. Cute Nail Design Idea

Glittered Nail Art Designs-7

8. Nude Pink Coffin Nails

Glittered Nail Art Designs-8

9. Easy Glittery Nail Art

Glittered Nail Art Designs-9

10. Simple and Glittered

Glittered Nail Art Designs-10

11. Colorful Nail Art Idea

Glittered Nail Art Designs-11

12. Different French Manicure Idea

Glittered Nail Art Designs-12

13. Elegant and Eye-Catching Looks

Glittered Nail Art Designs-13

14. Nail Art Design

Glittered Nail Art Designs-14

15. For Special Occassions

Glittered Nail Art Designs-15