Golden Base Nail Colors and Designs

If you want to portray yourself as a queen by showing your beautiful personality, golden base nail arts will escalate your desire. Women with golden base nail designs give the impression of passion and elegance. This design glorifies your importance and your personality as well. Additionally, this precious metal color art always attracts every woman.

Gold base nail makes the amazing verity of arts. You can use Chrome or Ombre or Matte with anti color in a gold base nail. This gold base nail color is the latest trend for nail design. It suits both long and short nails. The elegance and trendy gold base design will definitely shine your nails. Here is some sample of gold base nail art.

1. Golden and Rhinestones Nail Design

Golden Nail Designs

The idea for gold glitter and rhinestones is perfect for a special event.

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2. Golden Nail Art for Winter

Golden Nail Arts

The stone and glitters can compliment nails of all shape.

3. 2017 Golden Nail Design for Fall

2017 Golden Nail Designs

This shiny effect is so mesmerizing that you can’t go unnoticed no matter what the occasion is.

4. Elegance Golden Nail Design

Best Golden Nail Designs

The gold nails with glitter and rhinestones are the gorgeous design for a wedding ceremony.

5. Long Gold Nails Trend

Golden Nail Styles

6. Gold x Chrome nail arts

Golden Nail Designs-6

Here is the short nail design on light gold with gold metallic art.

7. Black Chrome Golden French Tip nail with golden metallic nail art

Golden Nail Designs-7

This is an extremely elegant nail design in black with French tips.

8. Nude nail Accented with gold color and Glitter

Golden Nail Designs-8

9. Gold Glitter with 3D Black French Tip Design

Golden Nail Designs-9

10. Long and Pointed Duochrome nails

Golden Nail Designs-10

11. Gold Chrome French Tip Nails

Golden Nail Designs-11

12. Shiny Red & Gold Ombre glitter

Golden Nail Designs-12

13. Black Chrome Accented with Gold Glitter

Golden Nail Designs-13

14. Simple Geometric Gold design with Glitter

Golden Nail Designs-14

15. Mismatched Colors with Glitterary nails

Golden Nail Designs-15

16. White and Nude with gold Glitter nail art idea

Golden Nail Designs-16

17. Amazing Floral art with Gold color Glitter nail

Golden Nail Designs-17

This floral print and gold glitter nails balance each other.