Good-Looking Short Nail Designs

Hey ladies! What about beauty tips that look both simple and perfect? Today we brought together the short nail designs and colors that every woman will wondering.
Nail arts and fashion is one of the most popular trends in recent days. With a simple and pretty short nail design for each woman, you can try out a new appereance.

1. Short Nail Design for Fall

Pastel tones are among women’s favorite colors. If you are looking for smoother and more effective colors, this nail design is exactly for you.

Short Nail Designs

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2. Mystical Mandala Nail Art Design

If you decorate your nails with Rhinestone, it will make you look perfect.

Short Nail Arts

3. Classy Nail Art

If you have a classic style, you can use white tones. At the same time you can create a nail art that is compatible with pearls.

Short Nail Styles

4. Nude Base Short Nail Design

Best Short Nail Designs

5. Black Dots Short Nail Design 2017

Short Nail Designs 2017


Short Nail Arts-6


Short Nail Arts-7


Short Nail Arts-8


Short Nail Arts-9


Short Nail Arts-10


Short Nail Arts-11


Short Nail Arts-12


Short Nail Arts-13


Short Nail Arts-14


Short Nail Arts-15