Great Designs with Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish is very popular recently and you can use any matte color for your nails. You can create different nail arts by using matte, shimmery or regular nail polish with different colors. Just take a look at our gallery to get some inspiration and copy them if you like to!

1. Matte Black Nail Design

If you have a dark soul and like black so much this nail art would be a great idea for you, especially for Haloween.

Matte Nail Designs

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2. Long Coffin Shape Matte Nail Art

Matte nails are the best when it comes to the long coffin shaped nails like this one below, add some diamonds and voila!

Best Matte Nail Arts

3. Matte Nail Style with Rhinestones

You can make your regular nail polish matt by adding some corn scratch to your nail polish.

Matte Nail Styles

4. Geometric Nail Art Design

Green matte geometric nails can be achieved at home easily just use tape and a thin brush.

Matte Nail Art Designs

5. Great Nude Colored Matte Nails

Pastel and nude colors are perfect for women

Matte Nail Ideas

6. Daisy Nail Art

Matte Nail Designs-6

7. Red and White Nails

Matte Nail Designs-7

8. Nude White Nail Idea

Matte Nail Designs-8

9. Shimmery Short Nails

Matte Nail Designs-9

10. Cute Nail Art Design

Matte Nail Designs-10

11. Marble and Matte Long Nails

Matte Nail Designs-11

12. Pastel Nail Design for Short Nails

Matte Nail Designs-12

13. Different Nail Art Idea

Matte Nail Designs-13

14. Nude Acrylic Nails

Matte Nail Designs-14

15. Nail Art for Black Women

Matte Nail Designs-15