Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts

Long coffin shape nail is one of the traditional but extravagant and gorgeous nail designs from the early 90’s. Also known as Ballerina Nails, long nails with coffin shapes are the symbol of bold and beauty of a woman. This tapered shaped nails with complemented colors and designs can make the nails exclusive and trendy.

If you want you can add glitter or mix matte and shiny colors. The use of contrast colors will make your coffin nails look perfect. Additionally, floral art can be a precious choice on your coffin nails. Or you can trap the color by mixing different shades on your different fingers. Whatever your choice is, be steady in your perception of design on your long coffin nails.

1. Long Coffin Shape Nail Art

Coffin Shape Nail Arts

Here is a gorgeous coffin nails design with pink and white shades. You can add sparkles and rhinestones to make it perfect for any occasion.

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2. Pink Colored Coffin Shape Nail Art

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts

3. Easy Long Coffin Nails

Long Coffin Nails

4. Nude Color Long Coffin Nail Design

Long Coffin Nail Designs

5. Cute Nail Art

2018 Long Coffin Nail Arts

6. Sunny Matte Yellow and Caviar

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-6

Shiny yellow nails are a bold choice for any woman. You can make it special with 3D caviar on your ring finger.

7. Matte and shiny light Violet

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-7

Light violet with the matte and shiny combination is a perfect idea for any occasion. And to make them extraordinary you can add same color crystals on one of your fingers.

8. Sparkles in Sea Green

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-8

Want a sparkling look on your nails, just apply a shiny glitter on your sea green coffin nails.

9. Shiny Black Twisting with Silver glitter

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-9

10. Nude and White

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-10

11. Sun-flower in Matte Contrast

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-11

12. 3D Shiny Marble Violets

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-12

13. Indian Arts in Ombre color nails design

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-13

14. Floral art in Nude and Yellow Ombre

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-14

15. Long Pink

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-15

16. Sky Blue Glitter Ombre style

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-16

Paint a shiny light blue on your gorgeous coffin nails.

17. Shades of Peacock Blue

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-17

18. Nude and Rhinestones

Long Coffin Shape Nail Arts-18