Outstanding Nude Base Colored Nail Designs

The nude color is the biggest color trend for women, you can see it on lips, nails, and outfits. It looks really natural yet modern at the same time on nails especially if it combined with shimmery nail polish.

1. Nude Colored Geometric Nail Design

Here is a good example how to look fascinating with nude and shimmery nail art like this one below:

Nude Nail Designs

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2. Amazing Floral Art with Nude Color Nail

Floral prints and golden stripes won’t look flattering as on nude nails, they balance each other perfectly.

Nude Color Nails

3. Nude Nail Art with Rhinestones

Matte nude nails and rhinestones is a great idea for black women who will attend a special event.

Nude Nail Arts

4. Chic Nude Colored Nail Design

Here is a simple nude nail idea for short nails and everyday looks.

Nude Colored Nail Designs

5. Great Combination for Nude Nail Design

Here are an almond shaped nails with gorgeous nail art idea for brides or weddings.

Best Nude Nail Designs

6. Nude and Shiny Pink

Acrylic nails can be a really flattering choice for special occasions like this pin-nude and shimmery nail art:

Nude Nail Designs-6

7. Nude and Shimmery Nails

Nude Nail Designs-7

8. Nail Art for Long Nails

Nude Nail Designs-8

9. White and Nude Nail Art Idea

Nude Nail Designs-9

10. Nail Design Idea for Weddings

Nude Nail Designs-10

11. Nail Art for Short Nails

Nude Nail Designs-11

12. Pink Nude Nail Idea

Nude Nail Designs-12