Very Pretty and Simple Nail Designs for a New Style

Simple nail designs are always appealing to women because they’re really easy to create and perfect for both casual looks and special events. Here are the best nail art ideas that you can do it at home and create really modern and chic styles!

1. Simple Black and Geometric Nail Design

Geometric nail designs are very popular among young women who like modern and chic styles.

Simple Nail Designs

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2. Simple Nude Pink Nail Art

Nude pink nails with a simple white heart shape look really simple yet cute.

Simple Nail Arts

3. Glittered Nail Style

Glittery nail polish looks great on light colored nails you should go with darker colors for your other nails.

Simple Nail Styles

4. Pretty and Simple Nail Idea

Here is a really simple and elegant nail art idea on matte nude nails that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Simple Nail Ideas

5. 2017 Simple Nail Design Floral Style

This simple nail art can be created with stickers but you can use a really thin brush to create these details.

2017 Simple Nail Designs

6. Shimmery Nails

Simple Nail Designs-6

7. Mint and Dark Nail Art

Simple Nail Designs-7

8. Cute Nail Idea

Simple Nail Designs-8

9. Simple Nail Art

Simple Nail Designs-9

10.Nude and Gold Nails

Simple Nail Designs-10

11. Neon Colors

Simple Nail Designs-11

12. Nude Nail Art

Simple Nail Designs-12

13. Nail Art Idea

Simple Nail Designs-13

14. Chic Colorful Nails

Simple Nail Designs-14

15. Simple Black and White Nails

Simple Nail Designs-15