Short Simple Nail Designs for You

Short nails are low maintenance and save you from experiencing sudden breakage or scratches at other sensitive body parts of yours or your loved ones. If you’re a great fan of long nails, you can style go with the style by opting for fake nails. But since we don’t want inconvenience during our regular life and works, determining to have short nails design is best suggested.

Does that mean, you have to forget styling your nails? O girl, that’s not the case! You can still charm your atmosphere with your short nails by adopting simple nail designs. These designs are so appealing to look at that chances are, a lot of other girls with long nails would be kind of jelly seeing the glamor added by these beautiful designs on your personality.

If you are new to styling nails with such artistic touches, here are several short simple nail design ideas that are sure to stun your beholders every time their eye catches your magnificent nails.

1. Short Simple Nail Design

Short Simple Nail Designs

To make your admirers more enchanted there is no other design so elegant and easy to style at the same time. All the nails are painted with dark, glossy color except the ring finger that is designed with the shape of a rose having two stacks of leaves at both sides. Such a beauty!

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2. Red Short Simple Oval Nail Art

Short Simple Nail Arts

Get a long lasting place in your crush’s memory with this solid red color. Enjoy!

3. Floral Short Simple Nail

Short Simple Nails

4. Cute Short Nail Design

Short Nail Designs

5. Easy Nail Design

Simple Nail Designs

6. Bold and Soft Combination

Short Simple Nail Designs-6

7. Medium Length Square Top

Short Simple Nail Designs-7

8. Stunning Orange + Black with Orange Straps

Short Simple Nail Designs-8

9. Sophisticated Pink Sweet Effect

Short Simple Nail Designs-9

10. Long Almond Nail Soft Color

Short Simple Nail Designs-10

11. Golden Sprinkles with Off White

Short Simple Nail Designs-11

12. Trendy Autumn Simple and Glitter Combination

Short Simple Nail Designs-12

13. Light to Fade Glamourous Nail Paint Idea

Short Simple Nail Designs-13

14. Low Toned Color with Sprinkled Glitters

Short Simple Nail Designs-14

15. Light Pink Nail paint

Short Simple Nail Designs-15